Review : Jamie Stevens’ Solemn Pride is incredible

Artist : Jamie Stevens
Title : Solemn Pride
Label : Tarnished Tracks
Release : 25th January 2016
Genre : Progressive House

2016 has leapt from the gates at a furious pace already with some immense releases, non more so than this monster from fledgling label Tarnished Tracks. Label head and DJ Dale Middleton whom we featured many moons ago on Decoded Magazine has gone on to create a pretty good career to himself. Frisky radio show, international gigs and tours, Dale is now the talk of the town. Tarnished Tracks is Dale Middleton’s first foray into the world of music retail and has been established to act as a platform to showcase his favourite artists from around the world. As you would expect from Dale’s previous work, Tarnished Tracks will know no boundaries; releasing tracks with genres spanning from driving Techno, to Melodic House. Tarnished Tracks ethos is just about quality underground music.  

Jamie’s original is the very definition of classic progressive. Melodic, tuneful and meandering, it takes the listener on a joyful trip to bliss ville with its playful Chinese percussions, lush piano line and perfectly judged low end. Growing slowly over the opening three minutes, the piano and guitar licks in the breakdown are of epic proportions, and the listener eagerly aways the second half with gusto. Adding to the track is a dark overdriven guitar and scattered vocal snippets which power the track on.

Dale ups the pace for a gargantuan remix. Always a tricky one for a remixer tackling a big artist, but Dale has the studio craft to pull of the years first Essential New Tune. Tribal techno with a delightful melodic twist does this track little justice, its superb. This is peak time Middleton fare, and the kind of track which has propelled the young Northerner around the globe on tour; it has more purpose and more direction than the winsome original. The beats are nails hard and the melody will surely see a cross section of DJs pick this little beauty up.

Bravo Dale, I’m sure Tarnished Tracks will soon be on the lips the the progressive elite, if its not already. And this is release number 2!