Japanese designer Kappes creates stunning ethereal continuum lights

The Continuum is a luminous artwork that plays with the concepts of light and form. This beautifully-shaped object, made by Japanese design collective Kappes, creates an ethereal light animated by the movement of small wires placed at its core. The design was featured recently at the Salone Satellite at Milan Design Week, an exhibition where emerging young designers gather to collaborate and share their innovative ideas.


The oval glass case is placed over a small set of wires, which whir and oscillate, creating a delicate, dancing light. Thanks to the ever-changing shapes of the wire and different viewing angles, the condition of the light changes and creates a hypnotic effect.

This dazzling work of art is made from glass, wood, steel wires and LED lights and is 21 centimeters in diameter. If you want to catch it in action, the piece is currently being displayed at the designer booth at Salone Satellite, during this year’s Milan Design Week.


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