JBL announces IRX Series Portable PA Loudspeakers

JBL IRX Series is designed with portability, durability and premium sound in mind for a range of musicians and performers. The lightweight build makes the IRX speakers easy to transport, and features like Bluetooth audio streaming will help ensure a professional sound system in whichever environment you find yourself in. The IRX Series consists of two active PA loudspeakers, the IRX108BT, sporting an 8-inch woofer and the IRX112BT, which features a 12-inch woofer.

As well as Bluetooth compatibility, the JBL IRX Series speakers also offer custom, application-based presets and automatic signal processors, speeding up the dial-in process. Built-in dbx Automatic Feedback Suppression will give a polished touch to your sound and protects the speakers, stopping feedback before it starts.

One-touch ducking automatically lowers music volume when speech input is detected, in the same fashion as sidechain compression. The 1,300-Watt amplifier will help the IRX Series loudspeakers deliver a sound with minimal distortion at high levels. The IRX108BT features a frequency response down to 54Hz and maximum SPL of 127dB, while the IRX112BT goes down to 53Hz with a maximum SPL of 129dB.

As is the norm for JBL loudspeaker products, the IRX108BT and IRX112BT have undergone 100 hours of stress testing to ensure performance in real-world conditions. The custom grille features a tight-gauge, reinforced honeycomb pattern and a specifically designed bevel for durability on the road.

Two combination XLR/TRS inputs on the back feature professional-grade preamps to deliver clarity for mics, playback devices and mixing consoles. Streaming from mobile devices is made easy with one-button Bluetooth connectivity, or you can use Bluetooth to connect two speakers to provide a true stereo image during your performance.

The JBL IRX108BT and JBL IRX112BT will be available from February 2020, priced at £299 RRP inc VAT and £349 RRP inc VAT respectively. Find out more information here.

Source: musictech.net

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