Review – We headed on down to the opening weekend of Complex, Maastricht with Jeff Mills

EPM music is celebrating its 15 year anniversary and what a celebration it was last weekend down at the grand opening event of Club Complex, one of the newest and biggest clubs and cultural venues in the South of the Netherlands. With a “Detroit Weekender” headlined by Jeff Mills, who is still on my top 10 bucket list, the night was a collaboration between EPM Music and local promoter Claydrum.

EPM Music, encompassing a record label and digital distribution company has grown in to a safe haven for many labels and artist throughout the years, offering their highly professional label services and expert knowledge due to the thriving forces of its founders Oliver Way and Jonas Stone. Where the company once consisted of only one small office, now EPM has offices in London, Berlin and Los Angeles, but its main office is here in Maastricht in The Netherlands.

Their record label grew to be one of the best when it comes to music releases by some of the greatest electronic music talents around the globe. Their extensive catalogue contains a wealth of Techno artist’s such as Robert Hood, Ben Sims, Orlando Voorn, Mark Broom, and many more. Their distributing company represents an even broader client roster of labels included such as Music Man, Bpitch Control, Rush Hour . Overall EPM has worked with many respected artist and their portfolio is all about the who is who of contemporary music.


For the grand opening of Club Complex Maastricht and EPM’s 15 year anniversary party, EPM managed to book the living legend of  the techno scene, Jeff Mills, who to this date is considered one of the most in demand DJs and producers in the world. The new Club Complex is an absolute treat for anyone looking for a top DJ line up and a good night out for a fair price. Everything we experienced just seemed to be in place. Relaxed and friendly looking bouncers showed us in after a small queue at the gate. There were plenty of bars and personnel to come around, and although the main room was set out to be minimalistic, the laser and strobe were just perfect in creating the right ambience with this crowd and location.

Both visuals as the overall sound coming out of the L’Accoutic sound system were just in balance, but of course all of this would melt like snow in the spring if it were not for a good quality DJ set and show, which is what we came out for after all! Our bucket list artist, Jeff Mills certainly did not disappoint us at all. What a genuine boss and what a booking made by EPM Music to celebrate the anniversary! We recommend everyone who has never seen Jeff play go see him if the opportunity is there. His quality mixing skills and improvised TR909 drum machine additions are a must hear, feel and watch, the man has it all and definitely is still on top of his game! We had a perfect night thanks to EPM music. We look forward to what this dedicated and stylish company brings us in the electronic music’s future.


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