Joe Corti kicks off 2020 with his debut All Night Long 7 hour set at Corsica Studios

Joe Corti gets 2020 going with his debut All Night Long 7 hour set at Corsica Studios on January 17th. It was at that same 500 cap club, just one year ago, that China White, his event brand and label was born.

Why Corsica? Says Joe, “I love everything about the venue! the small rooms, the heavy sound system, the people who run it… I waited a while to get into Corsica and now a year on, it embodies the label and party brand perfectly, so where better to kick start this new year!”

His events have transcended the vibrant London scene to become cult favourites around the UK. He’s featured guests such as Brame & Hamo, Marquis Hawkes, Leo Pol, Cody Currie and more, becoming a tastemaker’s tastemaker. The all-nighter will celebrate and mark the brand’s successful first year and herald a series of eagerly awaited releases and gigs for the much- and deservedly- hyped London-based Corti.

Be it on the dancefloor or through the speakers, Joe will deliver a unique but zeitgeist-grabbing mix of soulful disco, chunky house grooves and an uplifting infectious vibe.

Having burst on to London’s dance music scene with a bang in 2018, embarking on a tour of the states and releasing three pieces of hedonistic dance floor indulgence, then birthing China White, he’s been planning this celebration for some time. “The start of the new year felt like the perfect opportunity. It’s hard to fully express yourself in a couple of hours so playing all night long will give China White & Joe Corti fans a much better idea of who I am, where I come from and more importantly where I want to take things in 2020 and beyond.”

Joe Corti plays All Night Long @ Corsica Studios on January 17th – Get tickets here

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