Joey Daniel picks his top 10 essential festival tracks ahead of Music On Festival Amsterdam

Joey Daniel has spent the better part of the last decade patiently honing his craft, both inside the booth as well as in the studio. His passion for bass heavy, yet elegant, grooves and uniquely driven personality did not go unnoticed. Over the years the Dutch native has consolidated his position as a very welcome guest behind the controls of leading clubs and festivals all over the planet. The start of Joey’s stratospheric rise to notoriety can be traced back to a long Ibiza summer in 2014. He played several high-profile villa after parties – known for hosting a who’s who of the international dance community – and made a lasting impression with his energetic style and charismatic personality. Shortly after he got approached by Music On. Rocking an after hour is one thing, but holding your own in a world class club like Amnesia is a different story. Daniel passed the ‘test’ with flying colors, seemingly unfazed by the pressure to deliver. After having showcased his potential for the big league, the Dutchman was added to the Music On affiliated Orbeat Bookings roster. He never slowed his roll and eventually became a full-blown resident for the Italian powerhouse in 2015. To say that his future was looking bright at this point is a massive understatement.

Over the course of the past 5 years, Joey Daniel has outgrown the ‘talented newcomer’ designation. He has proven himself to be a mature artist in every sense of the word. As a DJ, he is as versatile as he is capable. Whether it’s setting the mood of an intimate club night, or rocking the main stage of a festival at prime time; Joey Daniel will deliver quality in his own unique charismatic way. Despite his packed touring schedule, which leaves little time for the studio, Joey has releases lined up for Snatch, Celesta, Elrow and Rawthentic in 2019. Besides confirmed shows at leading festivals such as Sonus, Sunwaves, Creamfields, UNUM, Music On, We Are FSTVL, Kiesgrube and Parklife; Joey’s artistic expressionism now also includes curatorship. At his newly found club night Savage, taking place at Amsterdam hotspot Shelter, he has already hosted international heavy hitters such as Paco Osuna, waFF and Nastia. Joey’s drive, talent, and charisma have proven to be a killer cocktail. The only question is; what’s next for this unstoppable Dutchman?

Now, exclusively for Decoded Magazine and ahead of Music On Festival May 11th – 12th in Amsterdam we hand over to Joey for those essential festival tracks he would not show up without.

01. Cuartero – Ven Machadino (Original Mix)
This track is pure fire. I love this big dubby BOMB from Cuartero!

02. Ezikiel – Goree
I’m in love with this track, it has a deep groove but with so much power – a track I can play in the peak time of my set, especially in longer sets, this one is perfect. The higher sounds in top-end and that vocal combined with the hypnotising heavy bass always gives me goosebumps when I play it.

03. Mr Tophat & Art Alfie – HOWL008.4
I play and have owned this track for such a long time now and I never get bored of it – it’s got this never ending groove and is one of my all time favourites.

04. Jesse Calosso & Jean Pierre – Under The Covers (Joey Daniel & AJ Christou Remix)
This was my first collaboration I did with AJ, and I hope there’s many more to come. I’m so excited to work with AJ, he is a super talented artist and has his own unique sound which works perfectly when we team up to make music together. There is a lot of amazing music coming from this man.

05. Guti – So Dope
I have been a Guti fan since day one, he’s recently put out his incredible album on Cuttinheadz and this is one of my favourite tracks from the album.

06. Gruuvelements – Spicy
Same as with the Art Alfie track, it’s a release that never bores me. This track has a non-stop, warm groove that’s full of energy. The percussion groove on top, the vocal, the hi-hats and of course, the synth over the top gives it incredible power. Love it!

07. Los Pastores – Groove The Flake (Hanfry Martinez Remix)
I’ve always been a big fan of Hanfry’s music but this is definitely one of my favourites from him.

08. Jean Pierre, The Martinez Brothers & Jesse Calosso – The Shuffle (Vocal Mix)
An amazing peak-time bomb from four amazing artists. I love the whole EP. I’ve always been a fan of these guys – The Martinez Brothers, Jean and Jesse are all super talented producers. They’ve got a range of great music between them, big love for all of the guys.

09. DJ Deeon ‘Who-U-Wit’ (AJ Christou Edit)
I can’t get enough from this edit that AJ did on DJ Deeon – ‘Who-U-Wit’. Me and AJ have a lot of exciting projects coming up this year. In the meantime, AJ keeps sending a lot of cool music which I love a lot, but this one is defintely my favourite since the we started working on projects together.

10. The Closet: Marwan Sabb & Joey Daniel Edit
Not a track I would usually play at a festival now but one with so many great memories attached. Marco Carola used to play this release as the closing track at Music On Ibiza all summer. At the end of the seson’s closing, me and Music On decided to give this track away as a free download!

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