Master of the dancefloor Joey Negro returns with his eagerly anticipated album ‘Produced With love’ on Z Records

Artist: Joey Negro
Title: Produced With Love
Label: Z Records
Release: 23rd June 2017
Genre: Disco / House

Master of the dancefloor Joey Negro returns with his eagerly anticipated album ‘Produced With love’ on his very own Z Records with 11 tracks that galvanize his place in music history. The album also features artists, singers, and musicians such as Linda Clifford, Melba Moore, Diane Charlemagne, Gwen Guthrie and more. The veteran artist has held his head miles above and has played a leading role in the industry for over 25 years. If you don’t know now, you will know how much of an inspirational figure Joey is after listening to this album.

‘Prove That You’re Feeling Me’ is reminiscent of 1970’s classic disco. It has all the elements needed to make an absolutely funky classic, from the plucked bassline, the grooving drums, the superb layers of guitars and strings, and the powerful vocal. What a way to kick-start an album. ‘Free Bass’ keeps that grooving vibe alive, breaking into an emotionally driven progression before kicking back into that pure funk. Classic.

‘Won’t Let Go’ adds a taste of pure old school House to the album. Delays saws add a bright and pleasant sparkle sitting above a solid bassline and enlightened with a soulful vocal. The sun is shining, and these tunes compliment the warm glow brilliantly. ‘Dancing Into The Stars’ brings a touch of positive piano House made famous through the glory days of the 90’s. Joey’s combination of soul filled disco and fun, glowing House delivers the best vibes possible.

‘It’s More Fun To Compute’ delivers a more modernised Tech House style track, but keeping that touch of old school alive, particularly in the drums and guitar plucks. The journey through positivity continues through ‘Must Be The Music’. Again, Joey brings his incredibly funky basslines to the table in combination with big, bright strings and a warmth that can only be achieved on the beaches of Ibiza.

‘Stomp Your Feet’ makes us want to do exactly that. Ok, maybe not stomp, but certainly move them in some fluent-kind of way. The synth work here is unbelievable! ‘Anyway’ keeps us drawn with a glorious vocal hook from Melba Moore. The neural synapses are certainly in overdrive with positive feelings.

‘Distorting Space Time’ takes us on an adventure through the unknown. The mystical aura generated by a combination of effects aligns with the sliding bass to generate a quality piece of music. ‘Overnight Sensation’ certainly pushes that sensational affection we feel to this album to new levels. Joey certainly, isn’t an overnight sensation, he is as consistent as they come!

The album finishes up with ‘I Recognize’. There’s something I certainly recognise. An amazing album. That is exactly what we have here! The album finishes just as strongly as it begun and I have no doubt that this album will go down in history as one of the finest pieces of recent memory. A tribute to the classical music of the past, a treat for music fans of the future.

01. Prove That You’re Feelin Me
02. Free Bass
03. Wont Let Go
04. Dancing Into The Stars
05. It’s More Fun To Compute
06. Must Be The Music (The Original Disco Version)
07. Stomp Your Feet
08. Anyway feat. Melba Moore
09. Distorting Space Time
10. Overnight Sensation feat. Diane Charlemagne
11. I Recognize

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