We head to Cordoba, Argentina for the return of John Digweed

There were a lot of rumours about where John Digweed was going to play in Argentina this year. But they were all silenced when he officially shared his July dates announcing the locations for his South American tour. Starting in Auditorio Angel Bustelo, Mendoza, The Bow in Buenos Aires, and then on to Montevideo and with a few days to rest, he was heading on to Peru, returning to Argentina to play the next day at MDM, Rosario and then two more at Orfeo Superdomo, Cordoba and Crobar, Buenos Aires. Anticipation was tangible. We choose Cordoba to catch him, the city where the “Live in” series started in January 2012 at Complejo Tres Aguas.

After almost a 500km car travel we arrived in Cordoba City to have a lovely dinner with some local friends who are old-school ravers. They welcomed us so warmly and shared anecdotes about old parties with Satoshi Tomiie who played until 13.30 and when Nick Warren was playing in the middle of the night and saw them dancing on the dancefloor, so left the DJ booth to dance with them haha! One vodka bottle and many stories later we crossed the street to go inside the magnificent Orfeo Superdomo Stadium, a five-star location in the north of Cordoba City.

Facu Carri had already started with some deep house for the warm up which was a little bit uptempo for my taste but was perfect for what was to come later. Between runs to the bathroom – which was impeccable I must say – and to the bar for some cold beers, I could recognise only one track he played, the Frankey & Sandrino Remix of Hyenah by The Idea.

It must be that John considered the warm up set so appropriate that he decided to continue mixing the last track of Facu Carri with the first of his own. His first tracks really really appealed to me; some real deep and raw bass setting the tempo of what would be the most furious, dark and hypnotic music journey of our lives, turns out it was Acid Revisited by Acid Pauli & Nico Stojan pitched down, followed by The Bike from MAM (AR), an Argentinian producer who I believe has a great future ahead of him.

With time the set grew progressively more energetic; another highlight being the Fur Coat Remix of Edu Imbernon – Bitter Fate with those sick darker vocals of Edu, followed by Lehar – Fantasia. My friend Mauro leant over to say ‘He came angrier and darker than ever before!’, but those words were nothing compared with what came next.

The tempo increased some more as the tension of the set and every track used on it… with tracks like Third Son – Trigonal (D-Nox & Beckers Remix) out soon on Selador, Kevin Yost, Clio, Booka Shade – In White Rooms (Hunter/Game Remix) or Frankey & Sandrino – Hydrae and the Michael Mayer Remix of Ambivalent – Whyou.

On and on he went, this was turning into a classic John Digweed peak time set but it was the closing that I will always remember, mixing Adam Beyer & Alan Fitzpatrick – Human Reason with Dave Angel – Power and a premiere of Pig&Dan – The Saint (Lee Van Dowski Remix) and another premiere of his own remix with Nick Muir of 90s underground hit Secret Knowledge – Sugar Daddy finishing with And.Id – Rooms (Lee Van Dowski Remix) which absolutely messed everyone’s heads up!

I was amazed to read a few days later that the whole tour had been sold out in record time, where some nights sold in 20 minutes! We love John in South America, and hope he returns soon.

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