John Digweed releases QUATTRO II

While the world was on hold, John Digweed seized the opportunity to harvest the second iteration of his widely successful 2020 4-disc album compilation, QUATTRO. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive reaction to its predecessor last April, Digweed decided it was time to call upon some of his favourite producers and start working on the 2nd edition. The result? 50 stunning brand-new and never before heard productions. Following the same formula as QUATTRO, the album is divided into four parts – Soundscape, Tempo, Redux, and Juxtaposition – each of which boasts a finely curated and exclusive selection of new tracks. QUATTRO II is now available across all streaming platforms, Bandcamp, CD, and Vinyl via Bedrock Records.

QUATTRO II proves once again that one of Britain’s giants of electronic music isn’t going anywhere. Known for being the expert in the selector department, Digweed continued to deliver a bundle of fresh, new music via his weekly global radio show, TRANSITIONS, and his lockdown-prompted Bunker live streams during the past year. Despite the ongoing demand for the best unreleased music, he made sure to keep every single track on QUATTRO II under wraps to maximize anticipation for release day. Now, he’s ready to share his best-kept secret with the world in the form of over four hours of exclusive never before heard music from industry heavyweights such as Dino Lenny, EdOne, Guy Mantzur, Hannes Bieger, Josh Wink, Robert Babicz, and, of course, Digweed alongside long-term friend and production partner Nick Muir.

Beginning with Soundscape, listeners are introduced to an exclusive new mix of entrancing synths, hypnotic sonic waves, emotive sequences, and haunting vocals. Tempo kicks things into overdrive with 13 cuts of delicious melodic patterns pushed forward by atmospheric breaks, which serve as the perfect appetizer to disc 3. Redux channels the infectious energy that penetrates the air at a nightclub in the late hours of the night, boasting feel-good house, nu-school breaks, and future grooves. For Juxtaposition, the last and final mix, Digweed decided to do things a little bit differently. Handing the controls to long-time friend and German engineering master Robert Babicz, Juxtaposition features a 12-track original album packed to the brim with futuristic electronica and rich, vivid ambient textures.

“Music has always been a great comfort for many, and during these strange times it has been even more important. I always try my hardest to deliver projects to the highest quality, finding new and exciting artists with productions that will stand the test of time. I am extremely excited about this latest release as it features so much great music and covers so many genres.”   – John Digweed

QUATTRO II is available today as a 4 x CD/vinyl signed and numbered box set, and a special 5 x vinyl set that features 20 cherry-picked tracks from the compilation housed in a beautifully designed limited edition sleeved spine. With physical stock nearly completely sold-out, fans and collectors are encouraged to purchase their stock via the Bedrock Records website —

QUATTRO II Album Tracklist
Cinematic synths, ambient textures, acid wobbles, sonic waves, haunting vocals.

  1. Acid Rockers – Exploring Delta Dub
  2. Stelios Vassiloudis – Alone
  3. Betical – Icon – Reincarnation
  4. Hannes Bieger feat. Juan Hansen – Burn Your Love – Synthapella
  5. Satoshi Fumi & Ian O’Donovan – Rising – Ambient Mix
  6. Josh Wink – “New Years Day Acid” (Beat-less reprise)
  7. Guy Mantzur & Khen – My Golden cage ( Kasper Koman 6AM reprise)
  8. Satoshi Fumi – Manis – Firmament Mix
  9. Lopezhouse – Long Rain
  10. Luke Brancaccio, Gai Barone & Kiki Cave – We Live Electric – Dub Mix
  11. Dave Walker – Embrace
  12. Coloursound – Fly With Me – T_Mo & Luke Brancaccio Downtempo Remix
  13. Quivver – Nothing New To Feel – No Beats Mix
    Disc 2 – TEMPO
    Atmospheric breaks, hypnotic grooves, indie throbbers, melodic vibes, driving acid.
  14. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Stand Still
  15. Buraki – Green Lake
  16. EdOne feat Martin Herrs & Santanamusique – Morning Flight
  17. Remcord – Soul Plane
  18. Dino Lenny – Sweet Paranoia
  19. Acid Rockers – Exploring Delta Nine
  20. Mono Electric Orchestra – Space Bass
  21. Dino Lenny – Dance The Blues
  22. Blaktone & Florian Kruse – Saat
  23. Coloursound – Fly With Me – Luke Brancaccio & Nolan Remix
  24. Jim Rivers – Aster
  25. Aubrey Fry – Hard
  26. Robert Babicz – Ani
    Disc 3 – REDUX
    Nu school breaks, feel good house, future grooves, Euro chugger.
  27. Stelios Vassiloudis – Rust – Breaks Mix
  28. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Forge – Kohra Remix
  29. Tigerhook Presents Randall Jones – Beautiful Thang – Bushwacka Remix
  30. Science Dept. – Persuasion – Chris Fortier Remix
  31. Bedrock – Beautiful Strange – Lost Desert Remix
  32. Guy Mantzur & Khen – My Golden Cage – Kasper Koman 6AM Remix
  33. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Stand Still – Lopezhouse Remix
  34. Emerson, Digweed, Muir – Tracer – Ian O’Donovan Dawn Mix
  35. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Raise – Quivver Remix
  36. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Satellite – Satoshi Fumi Remix
  37. Miles Atmospheric feat: The Apparition – Calling You Out – Josh Wink Paradise Dub
  38. Quivver – Don’t Say Anything – Skanna Remix
    Disc 4 – JUXTAPOSITION – Robert Babicz
    An original album of futuristic electronica and ambient textures.
  39. Free Fall
  40. Pur Pur
  41. Wonderforest
  42. Bizzarre Color Bending
  43. Walking With Closed Eyes
  44. Focus On The Light
  45. Resonance
  46. Water Mirrors
  47. Love Tree
  48. Future City
  49. World Of Distance
  50. Violett Nights

Available via Bandcamp

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