Jon Gurd Birth Right EP remixes Dave Clarke & Ancestral Voices

Artist: Jon Gurd
Label: Derelicht
Catalogue No: D003
Release Date: 02/10/2015
Genre: Techno

Jon Gurd’s Birth Right EP is the first material from the Portsmouth based Techno producer in more than 2 years since his ventures on Octopus recordings, 8 Sided Dice and Quartz. The EP therefore indicates an audible step change not just in the approach to production but also in the mindset and emotive feeling behind each texture and layer. Having emerged unscathed from a traumatic family related drama Jon communicates a tortuous and re-evaluated life message across all 3 tracks, and is dedicated to his brother with a hidden meaning conveying, “Tomorrow Is – Promised – To No One”.

Dissecting the EP further the educated are blessed with field recordings, analogue rumbling and modular synthesis exiting from almost 24 months of lab driven experimentation. No real process has been applied or extant formulae followed and the EP’s resounding success is that this now exudes what Jon “feels” innately rather than what the industry wants, therefore the journey, endless noise making and experimentation gives a balanced and exciting offering. Jon comments “seriously my process for producing this has been all over the place, literally stumbling on shit, slipping over my own creative vomit, workflow went out the studio window on day one”. Having spent two years asking himself why he makes music, I think on first listen of Birth Right EP we will all begin to empathise why. Remixes kindly provided by Messrs Dave Clarke and Ancestral Voices (new project from Liam Blackburn formerly Indigo / Akkord).