Jona releases album teaser on AEON

Artist: Jona
Title: Sidetracking Part 1: Prologue EP
Label: AEON
Cat No: AEON020
Release Date: 22/01/2016
Genre: Techno

When I first received ‘Sidetracking Part 1: Prologue EP’ I was very intrigued as this is the first taste of what is to come from Jona’s debut album on Alex Niggemann’s very impressive AEON label. I am lead to believe that the album was constructed over 2 years and the concept was for Jona to invite some of his favourite producer friends to collaborate with him in the studio. The album features artists such as Varoslav, Usio, David K, Daniel Aguilar, Giovanni Verga, and Edinburgh-based producer The Reverse Engineer. The album has a penned release date of February this year so keep your eyes and ears pealed.

This EP features 2 original tracks that take influences from the likes of jazz, afro-beat and dub, and 2 remixes by Speaking Minds and Trevino which are more techno based interpretations.

The EP opens with ‘The Chase’ which is a track that is heavy influenced by jazz and afro-beat music and features the impressive, Usio whose ‘Kuwa Huru’ LP on Studio Barnhus is very impressive if you like these sounds. The track is filled with some funk edged stabs and some stunning strings that glide off the stunning percussion and funky bass. Certainly a track that will get the dance floor swinging away and one I recommend you check out if you like your percussion based tracks.

Next up is Speaking Minds interpretation of ‘The Chase’ and is more a sound that you would associate with the AEON label. The track is a dark techno number that is filled with deep subby bass stabs but uses the funk samples and keys from the original to awesome effect. Some great use of smoke machine effects in places that just help to keep this track deep in the depths of a dark and moody territory. Listen for the break too!!! Strobe light territory when it kicks!!!

Changing the mood again is the dub/breaks influenced ‘Transmission Breakdown’ which sees Jona get his hands dirty along with Edinburgh based digital composer and sound artist The Reverse Engineer. The pair have created a lovely downtempo jam that does what it does beautifully. Lovely use of effected vocal snippet and the bass tipped low end just keeps things mysterious and deep.

Up on remix duty for the track ‘Transmission Breakdown’ is an artist I have admired for some years now but usually in the form of his DnB productions under the guise Marcus Intalex. Here we see Marcus get to grips with this track under his techno moniker, Trevino. The track he has created is an intriguing hypnotic and bass lead techno builder that would grace any dance floor. If you are a techno head you must check this out! Stunning work that just builds throughout!

An EP to cover all bases here and one I cannot recommend highly enough. If you like your music a little deeper and rooted in the underground you will more than likely appreciate this release.

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!