Joris Voorn remixes DJ Misjah and DJ Tim’s 90s rave classic ‘Access’.

Hot on the heels of his peak-time remix of Eelke Kleijn’s ‘Transmission’, Joris Voorn is back with another remix, this time of DJ Misjah and DJ Tim’s 90s rave classic: ‘Access’. Already played in epic sets at Tomorrowland WinterAwakeningsUltra MiamiMayday and Printworks, Joris Voorn brings a version of ‘Access’ to dance floors across the world that’s sure to cement his place in history among the techno greats.

Originally released in 1995 on acid and techno label X-Trax, which was acquired by Armada Music, the Dutch mainstay has reimagined the track with his signature hypnotic sound, bringing fans back to the heyday of 90s raving with a modern twist.

Listed as one of the ‘Best Drops in Dance Music’ by Mixmag readers in 2020, ‘Access’ came about during the revival of acid techno, brought on by the Roland TB303 “acid box” re-appearing on producer’s records. Bearing all the hallmarks of a 90s hard dance record with its pulsing beat and the unmistakable “squelching” synth sound signature to the genre, ‘Access’ created a rhythmic sense of urgency that took the 90s techno scene by storm and stayed in heavy rotation for years to come.

On his remake, Joris Voorn says “Remixing such an iconic record that played such a significant role in the evolution of acid techno when it originally came out on X-Trax back in 1995 was both a pleasure and a challenge. I wanted to make something fresh and contemporary that kept the essence of the original 303 magic but had a distinct 2023 take that was more compatible to my sets. This has been taking the roof off at all my shows so I’m excited to finally be able to share it with you all.”

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