Josh Butler lays down addictive grooves and rhythms on Rejected with his Strategem EP

Artist: Josh Butler
Title: Strategem EP
Label: Rejected
Release: Out Now!
Genre: House

UK based DJ and producer Josh Butler is loved for his immensely groovy productions, always keeping a housey flair that catches the listener from the first beat. From 2013 on we have seen him getting steadily more attention across the world, and through his high-quality output, he has landed himself releases on labels such as Cajual, Avotre, and Noir. His latest addition to his already impressive catalogue is ‘Strategem EP’ which was recently released on the Dutch label Rejected.

Rejected has become a household name over the last years with releases from artists such as Andrea Olivia, Dachshund Gel Abril and more, and is run by none other than Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal. “Strategem EP” is the second release we see from Josh on the label, and it is a good thing he is back.

The title track ‘Strategem’ draws its listeners in from the first note, the smooth chords working along the on point bassline and flowing vocal elements creating a dreamy yet highly danceable atmosphere. Following up on the vibe ‘Punt’ strikes with a slightly tighter groove and percussive work, supported but interchanging vocals and melody leading up to the momentum before continuing in its groove driven fashion.

Rounding up the EP we are introduced to ‘Psilocybin’, and it strikes you as the final stone in the ever-increasing level of energy throughout the release. Stripped down to essentials the track moves in a more techy direction with a load of sexy elements leading up to the interplay between break and eruption.

Josh is again bringing a goodie bag with little gems for the dancefloor, keeping his sound as we know it light and playful but with addictive grooves and rhythms.

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