Review : Juan. has his head in the clouds!

Artist: Juan.
Title: Clouds
Label: Hype Muzik
Release date: Out Now
Genre: Progressive House/ Electronica

Argentina has a star musician breaking through the clouds and puts in his maiden appearance on Hype Muzik and the work is impressive to say the least. The imprint has rarely wavered in intent or in sound, a compellingly consistent watchword for the sort of electronic music that puts hair on the chest of its male fans and God knows what for its female followers.

Juan. treats us to a fresh offering titled ‘Clouds’, the only highlight track that for the most part bears striking resemblances to classic Progressive lines, even though the track piles up random percussives all throughout its bearing, not very common in this style nowadays, which also more often than not goes for the atmospherics and reach across the room vibe. This one on the other hand is contained and tight, and the fact that it’s devoid of the above mentioned qualities doesn’t take away the fact that with its steady pace and trilling bass accompanying the interior out to the swinging rolling beats can make for heady fare, the repetitive tingles hypnotize you to the floor.

The label welcomes Belarus DJ/ Producer Michael A to provide us with a lone remix that works up sighing subtle whooshes in the insides, furthermore he fattens the bass line and beguiles one with a melody fixture that is a fine mood setter all around, one of those cool rework’s that should see plays.

Compliments to everyone and surely Juan. will be on everyone’s list of producers from hereon to see how he grows.

Priya Sen
About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.