Review – Juan Deminicis is another jewel in Sudbeats crown

Artist: Juan Deminicis
Title: Babel EP
Label: Sudbeat
Cat no: SB084
Release date: Out now
Genre: Progressive House

Releasing on the superbly steered label of Sudbeat, Juan Deminicis comes to the spot light with a three tracker that’s outgoing production from the otherwise slow and steady music maker.

“Babel” gives the slinkier side of Progressive a run for its money. Chugging along at a manic pace, the jam is rolling beats, deep space percussive grooves presenting a grimy seedy face anchored by some kind of acid bass. While it’s led by a qualling interior all swirling around the room, the lumbering chord makes you close your eyes and head for the dance floor, all the while you’re magically whisked away to a late night excursion full of electronic pyro-technics.

Next up – “Ekos” starts on a slightly slower end, the macho snare and groovy atmospherics retain that eyes closed demeanour, nicely so. The cultured vocalism sighs and breathes around making one mush. This is icy finesse of cold bass thudding out of the speakers, the languid beeps tap against eerie open space magic. Continuously lifting you up there and keep you suspended in white cottony clouds that one wouldn’t want to come down from.

The finisher – “Orbital” is fascinatingly simple, with a subtle underlying atmosphere inherent in the proceedings. Sending out synthy lines in to the distance, never coming back, but that chunked bass and macho outer space vocal peek-a-boo adds the layer of depth that which would have been missing if it hadn’t been smartly screwed on for density and warmth. Indeed, if Juan Deminicis continues this way, he will be a treasured icon of the music industry someday.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.