Fresh from her success with Suara, Just Her launches a new label with a killer first release

Artist : Just Her
Title : Silence
Label : Constant Circles
Release : 3rd August 2015
Genre : House

Claire Spooner aka Just Her steps further from the Him_Self_Her shadow with a new label and solo material. Pegged as a future leader of the scene, by Decoded Magazine a few months ago, Claire has forged a decent career for her self. The clear vision for the label is to marry brilliant modern dance music with equally stunning modern art, and this inaugural release sees Martin Vidal, not only remix the tune magnificently, but also supply the artwork used. Pete Oak and Ahmed Raxon also supply inspired versions too.

The original track is a deep tech affair. Boarding on techno, a tribal groove leads into the vocal centring on the end of a relationship. Its emotional power is very evident; this will cause a great deal of damage in those hours just before dawn when feelings become visceral. The production is fantastic. Claire is a lecturer in Audio Production, and no doubt her students have a world class resource at their fingertips to utilise.

The remixes cover much ground, and give the whole EP a wide appeal. Pete Oak opts for a triplet feel to slow things down and make each element much more deliberate. The vocal remains intact; the musical backing giving it room to breathe and be the star of the track. Its also moodier, with the addition of a beast of a bassline. Raxon opts to take things more upbeat. Again, its the bass which drives things here. Starting with an ever evolving synth and insistent hat line, things reach a crescendo around the minute twenty mark before that bass hits home for maximum effect. Chopped up vocal hits chime in left and right before the full vocal is unleashed. Fittingly, this would suit a big room crowd.

Finally, Martin Vidal’s remix, my pick of the pack. Heading down a more crossover deep house/progressive path, Martin cleverly teases out every ounce of emotion from that vocal. The percussion is in keeping with the original idea of tribal, but the sonic sweeps are more pronounced and sound like Vangelis has remixed the Bladerunner soundtrack!

Keep an ear out for this one, its likely to be an Ibiza anthem this year, and if Just_Her’s last release (on Suara) is anything to go by, expect this to be bothering the upper parts of the Beatport charts for a few weeks following release. What a stunning way to kick a new label off!