Fresh beats from Justin Ballards’ Chromoza

Artist: Justin Ballard featuring Zoe Belucci
Title: Burnin’
Label: Chromoza
Released: 31/08/15
Genre: House

Sometimes for reasons unknown to us musical folk, you see the title of a track and it often evokes ONE particular song in your mind before you’ve even heard it. We all do it when we see tracks drop in to our inbox. If you are rather prone to doing that, get the seminal MK classic out of your mind and expect something fresh across all three versions of Justin Ballard and Zoe Belucci’s Burnin’

Zoe Belucci

The original mix is perhaps the most accessible, with its hooky piano and simplistic topline. Lyrically, it’s not pushing the envelope too much, but it certainly does the job, especially when it gets pared back slightly in the alternative mixes.

The Corey Romero mix is quite a laid back affair. It has its toe into the deeper arena, but doesn’t fully ‘go there’ and would be a perfect warm up track. D.Ramirez takes things decidedly darker and strips away even more of the vocal. Focussing primarily on a driving drum track with an incessant drone that creeps along in the mix whilst the track ebbs and flows with some warm organ stabs