!K7 announces new DJ Kicks mix from Avalon Emerson

Today sees esteemed electronic producer and DJ Avalon Emerson announce the upcoming release of her DJ Kicks mix to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the prestigious series by !K7 Records. Alongside today’s announcement, Avalon shares her entrancing new single, ‘Wastelands & Oases’. Listen to the track and pre-order Avalon’s DJ Kicks here.

Avalon Emerson’s 70-minute contribution to !K7’s DJ-Kicks series encompasses her maverick sound and traverses a wide range of tempos, styles and eras with the grace of an experienced selector. Avalon distinguishes herself based on technical skill, clever methodology and a unique vision; old-school house records mingle with references to rave and Italo, but the set isn’t confined to a specific era or style — besides her own. 

“I wanted it to be representative of how I sound in the club while incorporating new original music,” Emerson says. “I thought of it as a good opportunity to summarize the last few years of DJing for me and share my original productions, covers and remixes.”

Avalon’s DJ-Kicks is a confident summation of what makes her one of the underground’s most in-demand DJs. The diverse selections are tied together by her own edits, remixes and productions. New material bookends the mix: she opens the mix with her own voice featured more prominently than ever before on a bold, fresh and playful cover of The Magnetic Fields’ ‘Long Forgotten Fairytale’. At the end, she shuts it down with her ‘14th Life’ remix of Austra’s ‘Anywayz’, which reimagines the song not as a dancefloor tool, but rather in a distinctly Avalon flavour of pop. 

Avalon’s selections reflect a deep knowledge of house, techno, new wave, EBM and rave as well as the experience of an adaptable selector. Her style transcends the confines of time or genre by recontextualizing dance music from previous eras among contemporary sounds and her own productions and edits. In the past few years, she became a regular across all floors of Berlin’s famous Berghain nightclub and played at major festivals like Coachella and Pitchfork. 

Raised in Arizona, Avalon started to make, release and play music in San Francisco before moving to Berlin in 2014. In 2016 she released one of Resident Advisor’s Top 10 Tracks of the Decade, ‘The Frontier’, an emotive and colourful techno song that became a hit thanks to Avalon’s ear-catching melody. Since then, she has toured the world’s most famous clubs and festivals and remixed the likes of Slowdive, Robyn, Four Tet, Lena Platonos and more. In 2019 she launched her own international series of events named 9000 Dreams, which entailed all-night-long solo marathon DJ sets and club lineups that she curated. And that’s in addition to the steady stream of original music that she’s issued on various respected electronic music labels like AD 93 (FKA Whities) and Ghostly International imprint Spectral Sound.


Avalon Emerson – DJ Kicks


  1. Avalon Emerson – Long Forgotten Fairytale
  2. Avalon Emerson – Wastelands & Oases
  3. Butterfly – Tranceonic
  4. Waveform – Breakers in Space (DAT Remix)
  5. Avalon Emerson – Rotting Hills
  6. Anthony Acid – Doe Doe Doe
  7. Little Mike – Dirty Pusher Man
  8. DJ Sense – Finest
  9. General Midi – The Future
  10. Oni Ayhun – OAR004-A
  11. Oklou – Just Level 5 Cause It’s Cute
  12. Oceanic – Yellow Cone
  13. Smith & Hack – Ultra Range Process
  14. Soundstream – 3rd Movement
  15. The Dirtbombs – Shari Vari (Avalon Emerson’s cybernedit)
  16. !!! – Hello? Is This Thing On? (Thomas N’ Eric’s Rub And Tug Throwdown)
  17. Avalon Emerson – Poodle Power
  18. Lady B  – Cruising Around Motor City
  19. Regular Citizen – Ultramarine Dew
  20. Austra – Anywayz (Avalon Emerson 14th Life Version)