Carlo Lio releases some iLL Shit on Kaluki Musik

Artist: Carlo Lio
Title: iLL Shit EP
Label: Kaluki Musik
Cat No: KLM031
Release: 22/08/2016

There’s a nod to the vocal work of early DJ Rush on the opening track, ‘iLL Shit’. A nod that works very well, I might add. It’s very easy to run away with the vocals like this but there is a great balance from Carlo Lio here. There is a synth that blips and bloops its way in around the track too. Serious hook to this sound, something I’m sure that will make it instantly recognisable. Things are kept interesting and moving as the track rolls out with some great mangled edits of the main hook and some very tidy percussion work.

‘My Name is Nobody’ clicks straight away. I use the term earworm quite a bit… Probably too much, if I’m on honest but this fits that term so well. That muted synth work topped off with the vocal work will probably leave you humming this one while you’re washing the dishes. Lovely warm techno that draws you in as it progresses.

For the second half, two artists have been enlisted to perform remix duties. Pirate Copy got the task of giving ‘iLL Shit’ a workout. Some great combinations with the original elements but it is let down but the bass stabs and the very random sounding wobble bass. Less of those and there would have been a great remix here. Sadly, it’s just a little off target for me!

To close, Shaded comes correct with his ‘Money Cash’ remix of ‘My Name is Nobody’. Really nicely balanced bass leads that sit in the mix while holding down things down as the hook while everything develops around it. Very interesting work on the vocal throughout too. The development of the track as remix is undoubtedly its strong point. A very solid remix! In fact, put it simply, a very solid release right here. It’s something that you should be putting on your radar for sure.

About the Author

With almost 8 years of music production under his belt while producing bass music as DROKKR and more recently, electro and techno under his Dave Mono moniker, the Cork based producer & DJ has enjoyed a truly tireless love affair with all forms of electronic music. From Aux 88 and right through to Venetian Snares, everything has found itself a little place in the heart of this Corkman.