KAMI-OTO DIY Cardboard Musical Keyboard launched on Kickstarter

KAMI-OTO is a fun DIY musical keyboard kit made from cardboard. The impressions and folding movements resemble traditional Japanese “origami.” The user mounts the silicon rubber contacts and assembles the cardboard keyboard component while enjoying the composition until finally, the musical keyboard is complete.

Unlike Nintendo Labo, the KAMI-OTO is a DIY cardboard keyboard designed to work with desktop or an iOS device. Developed by Reo Nagumo, this is the newest music app to come out of his company YUDO

Comprising a simple structure, the musical keyboard possesses the capacity to detect velocity (strength of play) as well. Furthermore, switches such as an octave shifting button for playing, modulator, dampers, etc., that can be used in real time have been integrated. The function keys can alter the MIDI channels as well.

The KAMI-OTO DIY Cardboard Musical Keyboard Kit is being produced via a Kickstarter project and is available to backers for ¥3,000 (about US $28).

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