Freeware: Kamioooka Modular Synth

Kamioooka is a full-modular synth with patch cable system developed by g200k. It’s very low CPU consumption plugin. It offers real modular  flexibility. If you need to, you can choose i.e. five voltage controlled oscillators, or few LFOs and connect everything with nice cable. I would say that Kamiooka is a very interesting plugin especially for those who like program (modular) synths. If you’re a preset player then there aren’t many presets available.

The factory bank contains only 38 patches (first 5-6 are more like a tutorial), but luckily you can extend it – there’s an additional 30 patch bank available on official website.

Available modules:

VCO : Oscillator, with PWM/FM/Sync functions.
VCF : HPF/BPF/LPF filter.
VCA : Amplifier with modulation input.
ADSR : Two ADSR Envelope Generator.
LFO : Two LFO with tempo sync mode.
MISC : Ring modulator/Noise Generator/Sample&Hold/Inverter.
SEQ : 8 Step Mini sequencer.

Dowload here