New Danish label Kassiopeia Kollektive launches this month

Kassiopeia Kollektive is a label launched by two music connoisseurs based in Copenhagen. The label will be releasing a series of carefully handpicked tracks, by some of the biggest talents and upcoming producers on the scene.

“The idea behind our name erupts from our strong belief and faith in nature, the world beyond our nature, the spirit and the rejuvenation of letting yourself loose in the moment. The escapist moment that occurs when you listen to good quality music and see yourself in a place where no one can touch you, or control your feelings in anyway. Kassiopeia is all about good music that takes you on a road trip through sound healing effects.” – Notize

The young techno protégé Notize, will be taking the virginity of Kassiopeia on April 14th with the track Faint, accompanied by a rather tasty Kevin Over remix.

 Just recently released hard hitting and successful EPs on respected labels like Great Stuff and Ein2, Notize delivers another smashing techno piece with a powerful bass line and energetic percussion. 
Amazingly talented Kevin Over puts his golden touch on the original with a very decent trippy remix. With a deep atmosphere and an exorbitant vocal hook it just destroys the dance floor.