KEF’s LS50 Meta Bookshelf Loudspeakers reduce distortion by 99%

The LS50 Meta is a highly precise and emotionally engaging loudspeaker built on revolutionary acoustic technology. Designed around the Uni-Q 12th Generation with Metamaterial Absorption Technology driver array, this solid, compact loudspeaker is capable of delivering detailed and immersive sound anywhere in the room.

Standing at 12” H x 7.9” W x 12.2” D, the LS50 Meta consists of 1” vented aluminum dome tweeters handling the high frequencies whilst the mid-to-low-end sound comes from a 5.25” aluminum core that together allows for an impressive 47Hz – 45kHz frequency range, a 2.1kHz crossover frequency, and a 106dB maximum output.

What makes these beautiful looking speakers so special is the use of a Metamaterial Absorption Technology driver array, which consists of a maze-like structure or “Metamaterial” that KEF is stating absorbs 99% of unwanted sound and distortion making for a more immersive and cleaner sound.

The speakers are available in four incredible looking colours with a pair of the KEF LS50 Meta Bookshelf Speakers starting from $1,500. You can order and find out more here.

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