Kenton Electronics has announced the release of the Kenton Pro Solo Mk3

The big changes to the new edition include two more auxiliary channels. With three aux channels in total, the Pro Solo can allow you to connect and control filter, volume or clock. There’s also an added bonus of adjustable slew rate, which will smooth out any controller jumps. And the extra aux’s are also perfect for drum synths too, with the Drum Trigger mode, as each output can fire off a velocity-variable trigger pulse, each with its own dedicated trigger note.

Another popular addition will be the ADSR envelope generator, which can be assigned to MIDI CCs, all of which make the Pro Solo Mk3 an indispensable addition to any synthesists armoury.

Company founder John Kenton Price says: “Pro Solo has become something of a Kenton classic. However, we have updated the spec and added several new features to make it the perfect, flexible interface for today’s analogue synth enthusiast – anyone from the vintage mono synth collector to the modular creator within the Eurorack scene.”

The Kenton Pro Solo Mk3 is available now for £158.40 inc VAT.

Ian French
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