Kerri Chandler shares free download of over 40 vinyl-only tracks

Kerri Chandler has made a zip file of his tracks available digitally for the first time.

The free 43-track, 2GB zip file includes tracks ‘Get It Off’ from his 1990 debut EP ‘Super Lover’, collaborations with Dee Dee Brave and Naeem Johnson, a bunch of Nina Simone remixes and ‘Mommy What’s A Record’, a well-known track from the 2010 ‘The Thing For Linda 2010’ 12-inch. The pack also includes rare mixes or previously unreleased tracks, such as a beatless version of ‘In The Morning’, Chandler’s 2006 collaboration with Monique Bingham, and an unknown number called ‘Can’t Let Go’.

“As promised I am putting this link up for 43 songs of mine for free that weren’t available as digital downloads. Hope you enjoy and play them.” – Kerri Chandler

You can download the tracks here.

Ian French
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