Kevin Di Serna and Ditian release a progressive masterpiece on Guy J’s Lost & Found imprint

Artist: Kevin Di Serna & Ditian
Title: Crystal Forest/Dallah
Label: Lost & Found
Released: Out now!
Genre: Progressive House

Could it be so simple? The latest from the Lost & Found label gives us Kevin Di Serna and Argentinian, Ditian in an outstanding two-track collaboration called, ‘Crystal Forest/Dallah’.

The coming together brings us a title track that takes off on the sensibilities of the label and its celebrated label head Guy J, with clean lines, propulsive beats and an ear for the dramatic all rolled into one. From the moment you put the record on it’s just that winner you get sucked into. The melody that drives ‘Crystal Forest’ is positively pretty and pushes the kick to stay in place. The highs are shiny and sing along excitedly, the body quivers like jellyfish, and the bass cuts through the air like a knife. Enough said!!

‘Dallah’ creates more drama on the B-side with an atmospheric splendor that is goose bump worthy. It fits in perfectly from one of the genre’s finest DJs put together in a release because good music is good music, no matter the sound. It’s just that simple! The vocal refrain creates beauteous forms in your brain, providing for a billowing beat and chord progression and a clenched bottom end. Drowning one in an eclectic break down that yearns and pleads to be heard, before the pulsing and clipped bass drones and takes you to a melodic high like no other.

This release will surely be noted as being among 2016’s biggest and best; bathe lavishly in its irresistible glow, because it’s that unforgettable!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.