Khen makes an impressive debut on Bedrock with his Baby Steps EP

Artist: Khen
Title: Baby Steps EP
Label: Bedrock Records
Released: Out Now!
Cat No: Beddigi94
Genre: Progressive House

Keeping one eye on the rise of this quiet unending reservoir of talent from Tel Aviv, and the other on the truly heart-stirring productions Khen has been treating us to for some time now. It gives me immense pleasure to listen to his latest ‘Baby Steps EP’, and debut on Bedrock. The idea being to make good music has to lie on foundations of simplicity at the core…

First up on the package the title track is a bass filled number, all in all with quiet wafting pingles of melody and a shimmery back end, the stillness changes into a far-reaching offering, that makes you move in and out of reverie, as the flickering of electronics flit here and there, registering yet not, and then there’s all that good sensation.

Next up, ‘Mountains Air’ relies on submerged thumps, a rolling ahead beat pattern, and spacey clouds of melody enveloping one in its nicely placed stride. The mood is far from cutesy, as the clatters and pitter patter sits on a booming bass line that leads you straight to a cosmic warrior’s stomp, and culling oscillations bring you down, down and down. The percussion breaks through all this like rays of sunlight with clever precision.

Finishing off the pack, ‘Pareidolia’ changes the direction of the EP by slowing down the back end on a label that’s going big on business with harder cuts, and it’s heartening to watch this included in the presentation of work at hand. This track abandons the beats as such, clinging to airy, not touching anything meandering pace. Corkscrews of melody, demure resonating synths, and blushes on the cheek interiors. This one may seem misplaced in the pack but should catch value for added listening pleasure.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.