Khen releases Secret Shining on Guy J’s Lost & Found

Artist: Khen
Title: Secret Shining
Label: Lost & Found
Release: 05/10/2015
Genre: Tech House/Progressive House

There are so many EPs; there are lots and lots of them but amongst them there’s one that’s bright like a gem, beckoning to you to pick it first and when you do, you get hit by top class musicality. Tel Aviv’s music scene has another performer who’s pushing the tempo harder than the other guy and then you know its Khen.

The prime cut from Khen on Guy J’s prolific label Lost & Found titled, “Secret Shining” just takes the entire treasure chest along with its deep pressured grooves and poignant haunting melodics, inherent within the track. The echoing love of fall away rhythms (reminiscent of his previous production, “Anise”) and reach back FX, just states his signature brush strokes all over the tune. There’s a nice interplay between the rhythms played down alleys of reverb and filtered sweeps which shhhs for silence, and that pulsing center is air polished, scratched warm metal. The beauty of the original also keels you over with its ‘reaching every corner of the room’ aesthetics. And after the beauteous break down, there’s no turning back from this one, it just finishes one up with the brash contoured bass line.

Jamie Stevens explodes all over Side B with his remix of the lone tune. The man’s unquestionably talented remixing skills and past works alone, tie up nicely to bring a favorable color to the lone rework. There’s loads of space for flights of imaginative fancy here. His handiwork is underwritten by a lower, fatter kick, gauzed out, lo-fi melodic motifs get precedence until a soft, shuffling kick comes in, leading a bevy of stylish beats in to the middle, that it transforms an implausible combination of the original artist and Stevens remix work into an effortless ensemble release . The moody chipmunk pace weds together with a clunky clattering bass line and there’s much textural detail one can get ‘lost’ in to.

Great stuff all around!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.