Kinn releases Anamnesis Landscape

Kinn’s debut LP, Anamnesis Landscape, sees the London-based artist explore dark and challenging concepts of mysticism with an equally rich and well-considered sound palette. Hypnotic electronics are woven into sullen, brooding drones which find themselves between density and sparsity, challenging the listeners to tread the line between comfort and discomfort.

Anamnesis explores the notion that habit is informed by a previous existence and collective shared experience. It is believed by many sects that this knowledge is stored in the Landscape, lending a sense of divinity and sacred value to mundane physical objects. This concept is playfully extracted in Kinn’s compositions, which exist in a unique sonic world of their own. Embedding a subjective meaning in each sound, motif, and movement, Kinn leads a narrative which can only be experienced by the listener as they descend into the thick darkness.

A trip to Scotland in 2017 involving a covert mission into the famed Boleskin House (the home of Aleister Crowley, which mysteriously burnt down in 2015) further sparked Kinn’s imagination. As they walked around the dilapidated wreckage, the bedroom window (as seen in the cover artwork) became sculptural in its form. What has been seen through this window? What could it tell us? A voice, felt but without sound, called out, “Remember”.

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