Kohra and Framewerk reimagine Bedrock’s 2003 Single “Forge”

8 years after John Digweed and Nick Muir rocked clubs with their first foray into breakbeat, Bedrock’s 2003 single “Forge” receives a four-track remix pack courtesy of Kohra and Framewerk. The latest re-work compilation builds on Bedrock Records’ quick start to 2021, following EdOne’s Cramp EP and Outcome & Phillip Straub’s Lyra EPForge 2021 RMXS is available to stream across all platforms, and for purchase via the Bedrock Bandcamp page — https://bedrockrecords.bandcamp.com/

Indian DJ and Producer Kohra opens the remix pack with a slow-burning take on “Forge.” For his edit, Kohra deftly builds on the original’s breakbeat ambiance, modernizing the soundscape with complex atmospheric elements and hypnotic percussive fills. After Kohra’s mesmeric remix, the EP moves into three distinct remixes from UK DJ & production team Framewerk. The duo’s first offering to the EP, “Cure the Soul Mix,” shifts the source material towards a more meditative feeling.

Named after an Oscar Wilde quote that features throughout the track, the “Cure the Soul Mix” sets an introspective tone through spacious pads and a captivating combination of organic and electronic drum sounds.Forge 2021 Remixes’ B-side ups the tempo with Framewerk’s “Full On Mix,” which utilizes glistening synth patterns to craft a trance-infused take on breakbeat. Framewerk keeps the energy high with the EP’s closer, the “Exposure Remix.”

The finale maintains the airy nature prevalent throughout the remix pack, cutting all percussion midway through the track before building towards the EP’s most jubilant chorus. Top to bottom, Forge 2021 Remixes keeps a strong ethereal quality while slowly raising the energy, making it a must-listen experience for old school fans and modern melodic techno fans alike. 

A1. Bedrock – Forge (Kohra Remix) 
A2. Bedrock – Forge (Framewerk Cure The Soul Mix)
B1. Bedrock – Forge (Framewerk Full On Mix) 
B2. Bedrock – Forge (Framewerk Exposure Remix)

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