Satori launches new label Krooks with a Desert Breath

Spaceandtime - Shelter Me - Desert Breath - Krooks- Artwork

Artist : Spaceandtime
Title : Desert Breath EP
Label : Krooks
Release : Out Now
Genre : Electronica

Krooks is an Amsterdam based cultural platform, and this interesting slice of electronica is their first foray into the murky world of owning a record label! Quirky and experimental, this 5 track EP features a variety of styles and production techniques to suit the more avant-garde DJs among you.

Starting off with the blissed out trippy Origins, the listener is instantly transported to a bizarre other world by the eccentric 1950s style pseudo advert before Pink Floyd-esque guitar licks shift your attention. I’m really at a loss to explain this track, you have to hear it really, preferably before you have too many space cakes at a local Amsterdam cafe!

Shelter Me brings the listener back to the ground with a bump! Keep an ear out for the rattling chains used here to great effect as a percussive element. The track itself grooves along fairly sedately until the rising drone signals something is about to happen: cue the scary vocal. Once back into the meat of the track the drone adds a fantastic tension to proceedings allowing the intricate synth work to playfully mingle. Definitely something I can see the likes of Dixon hammering.

Title track Desert Breath is a harder edged house number which rumbles along growling at passers by and inciting trouble where ever it chooses to go. The off beat bass provides a solid bedrock for the guys to add more well produced synth work, which crescendos at the breakdown. All in all, a much sparser arrangement that Shelter Me, but decidedly hypnotic and deadly in the right hands.

85 Miles is represented here in two forms. the ‘original’ is a downtempo song with a heavy bass lead. If Sneaker Pimps and Massive Attack had babies, they would sound like this. The album version adds a house beat and makes it a much more accessible track.

Not bad for a first attempt, we wait for the follow up guys!