Kuedo shares the title track from his new album, ‘Infinite Window’

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Kuedo has shared the title track from his forthcoming album, ‘Infinite Window’, which is due to be released on 29th July via Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder Records.

“I thought of an infinity inside us, like falling into ourselves, or falling into each other, somehow. Perhaps the intensity of years passing, alone or in long-term relationships, like how you change and change one another,” he muses. “It’s the idea I keep returning to of making something that externally is theatrical or escapist, like a sci-fi illustration, but on the inside is smaller and interpersonal. I think that big-outside, intimate-inside is something a lot of music I love does perhaps pop production especially.”

The result is a multistage psychedelic rocket hurling through inner/outer space. Kaleidoscopic waterfalls of synth arpeggios (recalling Vangelis “Spiral” or Oneohtrix Point Never’s “Good Time OST”) are here sharply refracted through a prism of trap drums. That ambitious swirling psychedelia is made hyper-modern with razor-edge drum patterns and crystalline melodics; a unique hybrid stemming from a deep connection to contemporary pop and club music.

The marriage between Kuedo’s avant-garde synth-driven compositions and a broader “pop” sensibility (he explicitly references the likes of Frank Ocean and The Weeknd as inspirations) is a fascinating duality. “When I played the synth line of course I thought of Vangelis since he’s always been my main pathfinder for those parts,” he explains. “But I also thought of the vocal delivery of pop R&B singers like The Weeknd. I wasn’t recording my own voice, so I tried to get the synth to express a lead vocal line.”

Renowned for his composition and sound design work for the likes of Fendi, Bvlgari, Iris Van Herpen and Nike, the release of “Infinite Window” follows a 2017 collaboration with label-head Flying Lotus on the “Blade Runner: Black Out 2022” OST (directed by Cowboy Bepbop director Shinichirō Watanabe), with Kuedo also scoring Metahaven’s “Eurasia (Questions on Happiness)” and “The Sprawl (Propaganda About Propaganda)” films.

The limited-edition yellow vinyl LP features artwork by fast-rising visual artists Monja & Vincent and sleeve design by Raf Rennie (Acronym, Prada, Nike). “Infinite Window” is out on 29th July on Brainfeeder.

01. Sliding Through Our Fingers
02. Harlequin Hallway
03. Time Glide
04. Aeolian Bodies
05. Shadow Dance
06. Encounter(vanish)
07. Infinite Window
08. Paradise Water
09. Skybleed Magic
10. Cracked Face Panel
11. Never – Para Sempre

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