Kydus – Sunday is going to be a special moment for me… I’ve watched my heroes play on here over the years and now am going to be in control. I have to pinch myself to be honest.

Liverpudlian favourite Kydus has further cemented his new position as Do Not Sleep resident with a strong back catalogue of tracks on some of the UKs best labels, which have been supported by a number of industry luminaries. With all eyes on him now, it’s very much Kydus’ time to shine, and this weekend sees him play for Do Not Sleep at Sundays at Space and enjoy having a Pete Tong essential new tune recommendation for his new track on Circus called Boomtang this week.

UK Editor Simon Huxtable caught up with Kydus this week ahead of his performance to chat about his career, making music and his adventures in Ibiza.

Hi Kydus, great to meet you. Thanks for finding the time to chat. How are you?

Hey Simon, thanks for having me. I’m doing well.

So lets dive right in… tell us about growing up in Liverpool. Which were some of your favourite parties?

Growing up in the city back in the in 90’s was great, I would say am as Scouse as they come, well that’s what people say to me when they first meet me haha. There was one party that always sticks in the back of my mind. It was back in November 2005, a Chibuku and MTV party at the legendary Nation venue which sadly now has been demolished. This was the first time I had witnessed Green Velvet play and speak throughout his set. For me, this was definitely a moment in my life were my direction started to change as a DJ and producer

It seems your career has moved pretty swiftly for you over the last 3 years. Have you had a chance to stop and take stock of your life now?

It sure has been a journey, I feel privileged to have played some great parties around the world and also collaborated with some great artist’s, but one I should mention is Secondcity.

Production weighs heavily in your success. Talk us through your studio setup and how you like to work on new material.

Believe it or not am pretty old school – I’m still set up on Cubase 5.0 and have been for years. But I’ve also just set up a studio in Liverpool called Kuruba and we have some great hardware in there including Moog sub fatty, warm audio compressor and EQs, BBE Sonic Maximiser, MX400 reverb etc.

Can you tell us about Boomtang? Pete Tong is all over it!

I’m buzzing with the support from Pete, making Boomtang his essential new tune this week is awesome and that’s my second one in two years as I had my first success last year with the original cut of Jupiter Rising. Boomtang for me is a great follow up to my track Transatlantic.

I tried something different this time with my bass line as I wanted to make it sound more like an arpeggio. I then wrote some lyrics to follow the bass line and got my man MOJI on vocals. It seems to of worked a treat with the support so far.

No doubt you have some new tracks for later in the year. Could you tell us about them and when they are due?

Sure, I have a release on Monika Kruse‘s Terminal M called ‘Deliver Me’ which I feel will show you guys how diverse I can be.

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This weekend sees you play for Do Not Sleep at Sundays at Space. It’s a venue with a huge history and lots of sentimental memories. Can you talk us through how it will be for you to play at such an iconic club?

Firstly, I would like to thank the Do Not Sleep crew for supporting me also the past year, Neil & Lisa. Sunday is going to be a special moment for me because not only am I playing am actually closing the terrace. I’ve watched my heroes play on here over the years and now am going to be in control. I have to pinch myself to be honest. I CAN NOT WAIT!!

The closure and demolition of Nation recently was felt by the whole country, it represented one of the last super clubs in the UK. But with further upheaval in London and drugs, once again being used as a reason to vilify the club going youth, is dance music is a healthy state in the UK?

The loss of Cream for me was sad because it was such a legendary venue in my city and I have some great memories in there. I do believe it’s still in a healthy state. In Liverpool alone there are loads of cool underground parties still going strong, sometimes venues see the light of day and it’s time for fresh events and clubs to step up.

Kydus, it’s been wonderful to chat. We wish you every success for the future and we’ll see you at the front in Space this weekend! In closing, is there anything you’d like to add?

Thanks for having me and look forward to seeing you guys on Sunday!