L.A. city attorney files multimillion-dollar lawsuit against underground nightclub LA Party Society

As reported in the LA Times, with no sign and no obvious front entrance, the empty storefront looks like many others in downtown Los Angeles’ Fashion District.

But behind the metal pulldown gate at 1114 South Main St. is an underground nightclub that has been operating in violation of COVID-19 restrictions under the cover of night, city attorneys say.

After documenting evidence of activity at the site for months, including multiple shootings, the city has filed a lawsuit against the LA Party Society’s manager and others associated with the venue, seeking millions of dollars in damages for allegedly holding crowded events amid a surging pandemic, City Atty. Mike Feuer said Monday.

“Beyond the bullets and the assaults and the other criminal activity, I want to emphasize that packing people into an indoor space — an unlicensed club — during the pandemic, is the height of irresponsibility,” Feuer said at a livestreamed news conference.T

The suit, which alleges violations of public nuisance and unfair competition laws, was filed against nightclub manager Yves Oscar Jr. and a pair of limited liability companies that are listed as the property’s owners and controlled by real estate investor David Taban.

City attorneys are asking for the venue to be closed indefinitely and for fines of $2,500 a day for each unfair competition violation — up to $3.65 million per defendant.

Taban, who has dozens of properties in his portfolio, is being prosecuted in two separate criminal cases, including one allegedly involving an illegal marijuana dispensary next door to the club. He is not a named defendant in the city attorney’s lawsuit, which was filed in late November.

Oscar was arrested in August in front of the club for an outstanding warrant tied to a sexual assault. During his arrest, more than one pound of marijuana was recovered from his backpack, the lawsuit said.

Taban and Oscar could not be reached for comment.

An Instagram account reportedly tied to the illicit club advertised parties after coronavirus restrictions prohibiting nightclubs and large indoor gatherings began in March.

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