Latitudes to host panel discussions on the Latin American electronic music scene

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The context we currently inhabit is challenging, the pandemic accelerated something that had been shaping since the beginning of the century at a global and regional level: artists, managers, and various actors in cultural circuits are increasingly deprived of the recognition and rewards it should be destined for them, since they are, finally, essential to face moments of crisis like this. However, in the midst of these difficulties, tools and work networks have been strengthened that allow us to transcend distances and our own limits and fields of action. Tools that allow us to come together and express ourselves in ways we didn’t even think of decades ago.
From there, LATITUDES was born, a platform to reconsider and reconfigure a vast electronic ecosystem whose richness and artistic diversity are unique and globally recognized, although little valued. We want to be a space for discussion, elaboration, execution, and promotion of efforts that support the immense creative contingent of this territory inside and outside it.
This communion of sounds and ideas aims to raise questions and point out essential paths for a better understanding and a longer-term development of the regional panorama through the various networks that compose it, strengthening its internal links and external presence. We know that this is an ambitious task, but also that it is absolutely necessary and possible through the virtual spaces we have today. We recognize that we inhabit a dark present and a conflictive past but we also adhere to the dreams that propel us towards a better, more inclusive, and dynamic future.

October 12
Panel 1: Decolonización
An X-ray of coloniality as a starting point to understand regional problems, thinking critically and starting from the importance of the politicization of our spaces.
Moderated by Luisa Uribe and with the participation of Valesuchi, KENYA, Yban L. Ratto of HiedraH, and Imaabs of Naafi

October 13
Panel 2: Precarización de la Industria
The precariousness of the industry from an underground perspective and recognition of the horizontal initiatives that already exist.
Moderation by María Melissa Ortega and the participation of Matías Aguayo, Avril Ceballos of Futura Artists, and Verraco

October 14
Panel 3: Medios de Comunicación
A space to think about how to transcend the barriers of the world publishing crisis and build other horizons of editorial models.
Directed by Nico Castro of IME Chile, with interventions by Nathalia Guerrero (Manifiesta), Shams Faure, Alonso Aguilar and Richard Villegas (Songmess)  

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