Lee Burridge and Lost Desert discuss their latest EP and all things All Day I Dream

It is not very often you get the chance to speak with Lee Burridge but when you do get the chance there is usually only one answer… also being a huge fan of All Day I Dream made it even easier. Then I get the news that Lee would like to include Patrick Bruyndonx, who is better known as Lost Desert to many of you out there, so it was really the perfect opportunity. For those of you who have witnessed any of Lee Burridge’s recent sets would no doubt have heard him playing many of his collaborations with Lost Desert along with many other of the deep melodic sounds of the All Day I Dream and TRYBESof stables. For those of you familiar with All Day I Dream will know it is far more than just a label or a series of events, it is more like a musical movement or family. It has developed quite the following over the years…

When we spoke Lee and Patrick had just finished their upcoming release on TrybesOf, ‘Moogami’ and Lee was making plans for this year’s All Day I Dream summer parties which are looking very impressive as you may have already noticed. Since the guys first started working together they have developed a very formidable pairing in the studio. I asked the pair how it all began and Lee answered… “It depends on who you ask. If you ask us then it all began in the wilderness. Trekking through uncharted deserts and randomly bumping into each other when Patrick was making field recordings of exotic animals and the wind blowing through salt pilar canyons. Then we got bored and wanted a cup of tea so went to Belgium and decided to make some music while drinking it”. Patrick added… “We met in a disco in Belgium, hung out after that at my house and then working on the first demos together which were ‘Stand Up Right’ and ‘No Wicked For The Rest’. This was the beginning of 2015”.

Moving onto today and the guys latest release, the ‘Moogami’ EP, I asked the pair how the EP was put together, as Lee is often travelling all over the globe… Lee answered, “As I’ve said many times. Patrick is a pure producer and I am the passenger in the car. His generosity with ideas and skills fully supports my lack of experience. We do vibe well with each other though. Patrick creates an enormous amount of work in progress tracks and a lot of the time we don’t just have to start with a kick drum and a clap. It’s more time-efficient. If I’m away we send ideas back and forth. The new EP came from a new piece of kit in the studio. The Moog One. A beast! Now you know where the EP title came from. The Moog is a black hole that sucks you in and when you come out the other side three days went by. Patrick then added… Moogami’ is the first track we made with Lee’s Moog One. These days the internet is our friend, so even if Lee is away, he can be next to me when he is overseas. Obviously, like last week, it’s even better when Lee comes to the studio for a week together”. Whilst on the studio chat I asked the guys about their favourite studio gear which Patrick was very keen to answer…  “Its practically always a combo between analogue outboard gear (Moogs – Nordlead – SSL Summing) and inbox (Spectrasonics – Uad – Fabfilter – Native instruments)”.

For those of you who follow the guys and All Day I Dream you will no doubt have been a fan of the LP they worked on together back in the summer of 2019 titled, ‘Melt’. I asked the guys how long it took to collate the album and how it actually happened… Lee answered… “I’d say it took all my life. Haha! It was inspired by certain moments or times in both our lives. It’s an album dedicated to Summertime’s gone by and childhood moments at the carnival. It’s intended to mark a moment in our lives and we hope some of the tracks might mark moments in others lives too”. Patrick added… “I always wanted to do an album on All Day I Dream in order to tell a full story, it took us 3 plus years to write, produce, mix, test and master”. I think we can all agree it was 3 plus years well spent!!!

Lee recently played an incredible event for Cercle at Omnia in Bali. If you missed it, check it out below. I asked Lee how the whole event was? I had heard Double Touch played a great warmup set? “Thank you for your kind words. I was honoured to be a part of Cercle. They’re doing something really amazing. The live editing and locations they chose are top-notch. I was actually really sorry they only streamed my part of the day as both Double Touch and Zone + played amazing sets as well”.

Whilst on the gig chat I asked Lee about his recent set at Fabric as I had also heard from good sources it was a very special event…

“Fabric for me is always special. I spent so many amazing nights in that space as many people did and it’s such an important venue for musically pushing boundaries that getting to go play there can only ever be special. The crowd and vibe were amazing and, as with our shows, there’s a wonderful balance of people”. – Lee Burridge

Lee and Patrick are both very busy men so I was keen to know how they find the balance in regards to gigs, producing music, travel, and family… Lee answered… “I personally feel it’s about understanding one’s limits and then figuring out your time planning. It’s hard as we always book most shows months ahead of them happening so It’s about trying to remain aware of everything else you need to apply time to in your life and making a plan for that too”. Patrick quickly added… “I don’t sleep until it is finished”. Something I am sure many of us can relate to!

Moving onto a slightly more political topic, in a music sense anyway, I asked the guys what have been some of the biggest positive changes in the industry over the years since the early days. Also what have been some of the biggest negatives… Lee answered… “Technology coming down in price and allowing anyone to make music is definitely exciting, as in the past you had to invest so much money into the tech. However, this same thing has flooded the market with below-average music that makes it hard to find the good stuff or even allow those making it to get the attention they deserve”. Patrick then went on to add… “the only advantage that comes to mind is that I don’t have to travel with vinyl, Haha! The book of a trillion faces is not my favourite thing to do, however, it’s a part of the deal these days, I think the industry let itself down by allowing the endless illegal copying and shameless sampling”. I can certainly relate to the joys of not carrying vinyl! Something that is not missed and I sure many DJs backs would agree!!!

All Day I Dream is more than just a label or an event, it has grown into more of a movement of likeminded people. It has an almost cult-like following and I do not mean that in any negative way. I asked Lee his thoughts on how All Day I Dream has evolved over the years… “It totally is. In 2009 when I had the idea I always wanted ADID to inspire artists and promoters to support this sound as well as build a community around it who might just become friends along the way. I’ve not really spoken too much about the impact the idea had on the wider industry at the time but a lot of what came after borrowed heavily on the ADID aesthetic and sound. The party and then label’s success also created an acceptance on a much broader scale to allow artists to explore their more emotive side.”

“It was always my intention to attempt to bring wider appeal to this music as well as go back to artists playing in a way that told a story rather than just relying on the relentless energy of drums to drive the party.” – Lee Burridge

Before I left the guys to crack on with their busy lives I aked them about future gigs and if we can maybe expect some Lee Burridge and Lost Desert back to back sets over the summer… Lee went on the answer… “That’s definitely happening this Summer if I get my way. Not so sure about the live set though as I don’t think we use a triangle in our tracks and that’s the only instrument I’m truly a master of haha!  One event to definitely try to come along to is Bloemendaal in Holland. It’s an amazing location that’s perfect for ADID and myself and LD.  It’s at the beach and draws not only dutch fans but a lot of our European friends from different countries. It’s a brilliant day out.” Fan of AllDay I Dream, there you go, get it booked!!! Patrick added… “Somewhere soon hopefully. Playing back to back is really fun and we are considering the idea of an orchestrated version of Melt. Don’t get too excited as it’s only on paper right now and will take an enormous amount of work to make it happen”. Well there you go folks, you heard it here first!!! Time to start getting a little excited!

I would like to thank Lee and Patrick for sparing some time to chat with Decoded Magazine. We really do appreciate it, and we hope you enjoyed reading the interview as much as we did speaking to them both.

Check out the list of All Day I Dream events here and get those tickets booked!

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