Lee Burridge announces Line-Up for “Al Day I Dream Of Tulum”

Kickstarting 2019 in style, Lee Burridge will be bringing his mystical paradise ‘​All Day I Dream’ to Sound Tulum​​ for a cosmic affair on​ 2nd January.

Created in ​New York and showcased across the globe, ​Lee transforms venues into his vision of a dream, where the room is adorned with structural art, lanterns, fairy lights and flowers married together to form a sweet haven. These unique touches heightens the atmospheric and hypnotic music played by the carefully selected artists.

A sound pioneered by ​Lee Burridge himself, he has paved the way for a new cult-like following in the scene where festivals such as ​Burning Man​​ and artists like ​Bedouin​​ and ​Satori ​​can flourish.

Having featured at ​Miami Music Week once again earlier this year, several of Lee​​’s familiar crew of house and techno sorcerers are set to write yet another beautiful chapter of their musical story – this time in ​Tulum, Mexico​​. Joining ​Lee at the event will be ethereal selector ​Sebastien Leger – ​​who recently featured at ​‘All Day I Dream of ADE’ – and ​Newman, the NYC artist famed for his atmospheric deep house sound.

With ​All Day I Dream expanding to events in ​Brazil, Montreal. Dubai, Las Vegas, ​Detroit ​​and many more in recent years, each party acts as an embodiment of the warm and positive experience ​All Day I Dream h​​ as always represented.

Tickets available here

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