“I’ve become more like Liam Gallagher and Jon’s more like Noel. He’s the more quiet, reserved talented one and I’m the one that just likes to party” – Leftwing & Kody

Leftwing & Kody joined forces 5 years ago now and since then they have made quite a stir with residency slots at respected nights such as Fabric and Sankey’s and many well received releases on record labels such as Toolroom knights, suara, Steve Lawler’s VIVa Music and Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound to name a handful.

Their own record label Lost Records established in 2013 has generated massive interest from their releases, regularly being hammered by major players such as Hot Since 82, Mark Knight and Darius Syrossian. Tracks such as Latmun – Cosmic and PAWSA – Hot have reached lofty heights in the Beatport top 100 and been heavily played.

We welcome Leftwing and Kody to Decoded magazine to find out a bit more about what the highly rated English duo have been up to over the summer as it draws to a close.

Good to meet you guys. Pleasure to have the chance to talk with you and find out what’s new with Leftwing & Kody. The summer is nearly over; you have been frequenting Sankeys all summer in Ibiza with Abode with a few gigs back in the UK to have a break from all that sun. How has the summer season gone for you, what went well and what didn’t go quite so well?

Hey guys great to meet you too. Yes we’ve had an another amazing summer! Always wicked to work with the Abode crew. We also did a couple of shows with Faction at Eden on Thursdays they were great too. What went really well was that we were able to use our Ibiza shows to showcase our new sound we’ve made a conscious move over the last 6 months to progress our sound on both in production and our DJ sets and feel like we had great success with that this season. It has set us up nicely for the next 6 months. The things that didn’t go quite so well were some of the early flights on Monday morning

You have had a quite a lot of gigs in the UK including Manchester and London, as well as some gigs in Germany and France this year. What was the highlights?

We love re visiting those cities all of them are great to play in. One of the highlights this year was playing in Jersey where we had never played before. We had a set at Weekenderfest which was so much fun they were really having it over there.

You have a new EP coming out on 29th September called The Gully. This will be your debut release on Moon Harbour recordings. Great label, how did the connection come about for this and how long has the EP been in the works?

This is one of the EP’s that we were focusing on showing our new sound. The EP took a few months to get right but knew we were on to something when we started playing the tracks out in our sets. At the time of wrapping up the EP we knew that Matthias Tanzmann was hammering Sound Boy at the time so thought we would send him some demos to see if he was into them and just over a week later he came back and said he waned to take them all for Moon Harbour. Such a prestigious label we were really excited about signing to them.

The EP features the vocals of Isis Salam and it seems to be a great match alongside your brand of colourful tech house. Is this your first time working with Isis Salam?

Yes this is the first time working with Isis. We were aware of isis before and a few months ago we put out a post requesting vocalists get in touch on Facebook and a mutual friend put us in touch. We sent a rough demo and she came back with some super lyrics including the ones that feature on this EP

Have you been slamming these tracks all summer? Please describe what each track means to you when playing as DJs and if you can, a time when each did the business for you?

Yes we’ve been road testing them all summer. The feeling is always the same when you play one of your tracks to a crowd you feel super proud when it works for sure. The first time we played “With My Body” was at Sankeys and knew we were on to a winner. We played Guly Tool in Brazil and that one went off there. Its always a good test when you try something out on a different crowd to what we are used to playing to see if their reactions are the same to our regular crowd.

Talking of big tracks over the summer. Which are your top 3 tracks and always manage to take the dance floor to another level?

1. Renegade Master Shaf Huse & Leon
2. Welcome to the Jungle Andrea Oliva Remix
3. Sound Boy – Leftwing & Kody

Of course Lost Records’ reputation increases with each release, getting plenty of support and regularly now appearing high in the Beatport charts. Your next release is from Pax and DJ DEP which is out on 29th September. Anything you can share with us about this release and what other artists do you have in the pipeline?

This PAX release is going to be huge the support on this has been massive these guys are going to have a huge 2018. Next up on Lost we have Atriea making her full EP debut on Lost after remixing for the label last year. That package will include a remix from Off Key a duo from Naples in Italy that have really caught our ear recently. Then after that we have an EP from Vibe Killers who are killing it at the moment. That EP will include a remix from the legend Harry Romero who we are so honoured to have on Lost records.

Finally towards the end of the year we are launching a sub label to LostRecords called “Lost Audio”. We get sent so much amazing music but only have 12 release slots a year so really limits how much we can put out a year so creating a sub label seemed like the best way to double the output. The first release will be from Anthony Atalla who we have worked with a lot over the years being on his Incorrect label a few times. We put our stamp on the debut EP on Lost Audio by remixing the lead track.

Who is the Liam Gallagher of the two of you and who is Noel, and why?

We’ve changed rolls over the last 18 Months I’ve become more like Liam Gallagher and Jon’s more like Noel. He’s the more quiet, reserved talented one and I’m the one that just likes to party.

Final question before we sign off. Can you tell us what the rest of your year looks like? Gigs, future releases or maybe a long holiday?

We have a few more releases lined up for this year that we can’t really shout about until we’ve signed the contracts but we are really excited and all we can say is that one of the EP’s is for a label that we have never released on before but one that we really have aimed for for a long time and its so close to happening now.

The rest of the year gig wise we have a few shows in the UK in Manchester for Warehouse Project, We return to Liverpool for G Bar’s birthday and also playing at Muzik’s 3rd Birthday in Sheffield. In October and November we are returning to Australia for an 8 date tour this time taking in New Zealand too so really looking forward to that we got a great reception the last time we played Australia so looking forward to heading back there.

Leftwing & Kody’s Gully EP on Moon Harbour is out now


01. Sabb & Cuartero – Don’t Kill My Vibe
02. Mirco Caruso – Bad Ass
03. Drastic Duo & Giuseppe Biondo – Stop The Rock (Neverdogs Remix)
04. Dee No – Lets Go (Massi ISK & Rulers Remix)
05. Proudly People – Done Deal
06. DJ Dep – Cricket
07. Leftwing & Kody Ft Isis Salam – With My Body
08. Wade – Ghetto Funk (Miguel Bastida Remix)
09. Alvaro AM – So Close
10. Marlena Shaw – Woman of the Ghetto (Catz & Dogz Beat Remix)
11. Leftwing & Kody – Gully
12. Pax – Universe

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