“I always had the feeling and I still believe that 2 hours is not long enough to show the people your musical journey. I didn’t fully enjoy it to only play for a few hours, so I decided to create a night where the DJ takes the people by their hands from the beginning till the end of the night. This way you can create a unique and strong link with the crowd” – Lehar

From rooting himself out of Naples onwards to his journey in a small town of Italy Treviso where he began his musical expeditions, Lehar’s idyllic nature and approach to dance sounds, show up in spades and beauteously so. One can float and dive in to his productions and know there’s no hurry to get anywhere but where you are in that moment. With a hefty body of work that boasts of tracks such as – “Sargas”, “Lonestar Memories”, “The White Diary” to remix work that lends his organic simplicity to – “Prism” for Guy J and Khen on Lost & Found, and then “Spirit Lights” by Of Norway on to changing and sculpting – “Easy” by Ost and Kjex, “Demiurgo” for Musumeci to name some, all of it is emotional and aesthetic music that attaches itself on to classical values.

Add to that as part of the newest Diynamic family, he is charting a fine path on the dance music scene off late. The talented producer believes in one step at a time, through modern soundscapes yet which has the lyrical beauty of days gone by. Presenting Lehar in a tete a tete –

Big thanks for talking to us at Decoded, but do tell us about your story, what were you doing back in the days of growing up as we know very little about your journey to becoming a musician. What got you hooked on to music, your early influences and if you could share some moments of when you first started to DJ? The sensitive and pure heart of Lehar explains patiently – “Well, before I started to DJ professionally I studied public relations and marketing at a university and after that I was working as a marketing manager in a PR and event agency. Music and DJing at that time had been a big passion and after working at the office for a few years I realised I wasn’t happy at all with my job and my life. I wanted to try at least once to give music a chance to be the main part of my life. So, I quit my job and started playing in my city Treviso, which is close to Venice. I also built up a small studio to start producing music. So I took it from there and step by step, my first actual EP came out – Sargas it’s released on Connaisseur Rec and now here we are after a few remixes and EPs, life is good”.

I was also raring to know whether the pretty landscapes of the Italian club scene had any impression on his music sensibilities or experience and he is quick to part with –

“Unfortunately, the Italian club scene is not impressive at all. There are a few very, very good clubs that are doing great but most of the clubs around are nothing special”.

From my earliest memories of his previous work, take for instance the remix of Demiurgo for Musumeci and The Element and let’s say – Prism for Guy J and Khen, I have always felt a spirited way of tackling reworks to add a Lehar stamp in to things, it’s important to ask if he is enjoying the take on of other artists originals currently, considering he is very concentrated on getting his own work out there much more than before and he replies in delight – thanks for mentioning the Demiurgo remix it’s one of my favourite tracks. I simply do what I feel at the moment. That time I was in the studio and my mood was very chill and I decided to give the track a totally different approach from the original’.

From the time he released “Sargas” and innumerable other remix work, people tend to see him as an emotive, unhurried music maker, and there seems to be a body of work which suggests he lean towards rather posh and eclectic sounds more than a desire to see his tracks up in lights or getting dropped at a club during peak time, I wonder aloud as to whether it’s a conscious decision and a part of his subtle and quiet nature that showcases a softer approach to dance music and his annoying one liner explains it all –

“The music I produce reflects how I am and how I feel in a moment, I am a very sensitive person, always positive, calm and eclectic”.

With several sizzling cuts out on the uber cool DIYNAMIC label would it be safe to say it brought about a change in the way you approached your career and or music sensibilities in the last couple of years and he wastes no time to tell me – “No, Diynamic Music is one of the main labels in the Electronic music scene. Releasing on it and being part of the people and Machine agency gives you the possibility to work along-side folk who are leading in the field for many years. There’s always good feedback and something new to learn, but this didn’t change the way I approached my career. I’ve always put all my energy and skills into growing, both personally and as a musician”. And there’s the matter of having worked with some of the best labels such as Lost & Found, My Fav Robot to name some, isn’t it likely that he would fashion his productions to suit the needs of the imprint at that point of time and he retorts in a no holds barred way, that the way he sees his sound – “its constantly evolving and changing and I’m satisfied and happy with what I have done so far”.

How do you approach to start a track, and on an average how long does it take for you to finish it and there’s a genuine love that shines through as he say’s – “The creative process is very fast, it takes to me few hours to build up an idea and it can happen that I finish a track in one night. But how I approach it? I sit in front of Cubase and I just start”. And then an obvious question as to what his favourite piece of studio gear is one that he cannot do without and his face changes like a happy puppy and he mutters – “Ob 6 is my baby”.

To my mind there are many producers in today’s time that just make music and sit with it, always dissatisfied and hoard their stuff, I have to inquire as to whether he sits with it for days or one of them that gets on with what’s best for that time and sends it off and he is matter of fact on the subject –

“So far I’ve been always satisfied with what I did in the studio, I recognise a certain growth when it comes to producing music but I’m satisfied with the sound and the quality even of my first release”.

Lehar has been busy and has been lauded for bringing alive a very successful concept called – “All Through The Night” already on the road since February of this year, I nudge him to give his readers a low down on how this idea came about and what the night imbues in terms of vibe, and musical flavour, his passion for the concept jumps out and he talks on it in loving fashion when he tells me – “I always had the feeling and I still believe that 2 hours is not long enough to show the people your musical journey. I didn’t fully enjoy it to only play for a few hours, so I decided to create a night where the DJ takes the people by their hands from the beginning till the end of the night. This way you can create a unique and strong link with the crowd. And as I really love to play different styles of music, this gives me the possibility to play ambient, disco, house, techno and whatever I feel like in that moment”. His eclectic choice of special guests lined up for the nights in question speak of talents such as Musumeci, Olderic, Frankey & Sandrino and of course the man himself who will play open to close; tells us about the selection at hand – “I decided to invite producers and DJs that fit very good to play b2b with me, people I respect and I love work with”.

To sign off, when I ask him about the music he is working on and looking forward to seeing the light of day and he smiles while saying – “I have an EP scheduled for the end of summer on my own label Multinotes and after the tour I will take 2 weeks off to work on new music. Last year in the same time period I finished my “Picture” release on Diynamic” and thanks for the chat”.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.