Leman & Dieckmann release the cinematic ‘Daunting EP’ on Caduceus Empirical

Artist: Leman & Dieckmann
Title: Daunting EP
Label: Caduceus Empirical
Released: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive/Tech House

Any fans of the underground house and techno scene will already be familiar with the names of Leman & Dieckmann. The Danish duo has already knocked up releases on labels Connaisseur Recordings, Baile Musik and Motek while also receiving some regular support from Nick Warren and John Digweed to name just two. It’s plain and simple to see, and hear, why these boys are attracting so much attention, and this EP on Caduceus Empirical is no exception to that rule.

So we’ll start with the boys’ own original tracks on this great new EP named, ‘Daunting’ and what better place to start with the title track. 7 minutes exactly, of sheer techno bliss with a lovely toe-tapping rhythm. With quite an ambient feel to the entire track, Leman & Dieckmann introduce a pretty little melody, which I can only describe as angelic. Some dramatic, cinematic drum works behind the melody in the break will be sure to create quite an atmosphere in the club. Simplicity at its best.

Next up, a track titled ‘Against’. This track takes on more of a deeper, tech-house edge with some tribalistic, African style rhythms. Another beautiful melody is present once again, this time accompanied by a raw, searing bassline. This one I would love to hear right in the middle of the night, just to break up an energetic set, to add another dimension, to take the crowd “down the rabbit hole” as it’s more commonly known. Another simple yet elegant track that will please your ears.

The third track here is another dark, more driving piece of techno. ‘Radial’ is absolutely stunning to be fair! Using a more rolling, chuggy bassline than the other two tracks, the noises and bleeps and effects certainly make for a perfect build to the track, and then we’re presented with yet another sweet melody and some clever use of bass notes to go hand in hand with the outer space feel given to the track in the break. Out of the three originals by Leman and Dieckmann, this is my favourite. You can make your own minds up on that one though!

Last one on this fantastic EP is the title track which has been given the remix treatment by popular UK DJ, Just Her. The supertalented, Just Her (yes, ok, I am a biased Englishman!), uses the atmospheric elements of the original (including that angelic melody) to create a more stomping version of the track. All the deep goodness is surely there, but there’s a certain edge to it that shapes the track into a more peak time dance floor groover. I can now imagine that during the break, there will be people with their arms in the air, eyes closed, sweaty, breathing in the atmosphere, reaching that euphoric moment, before the beat kicks back in and everyone starts jumping around again. Well that’s what I did whilst sat at the table with a coffee, never mind in the middle of a packed dance floor. Give it a listen, I’m pretty sure you’ll do the same!

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