Lenco-MD – World’s first 3D Printed, modular record player. Launching on Kickstarter

The Lenco-MD rethinks the classic concept of the record player. Although its design is inspired by classic Lenco record players, its characteristics are not. It is built by you, 3D printed, modular, feature rich, community driven, up-gradable and mainly made of renewable resources. All this with great Lenco audio quality and an aesthetic design.

The record player consists of multiple swappable units, providing the possibility to individualize, upgrade and customise the record player in many ways: colours, features and more (modules currently in development, not part of the kickstarter campaign). The Lenco-MD is available as a complete set with all parts pre –printed, which requires no 3D Printer, or you can 3D-print it at home. The complete set will be available first in seven colours: orange, yellow, apple green, sky blue, white, red and pink.

Lenco-MD was first presented at the IFA Berlin 2018 (Consumer Electronics Fair) where it was ranked as top 3 best innovations.

Find out more at http://lenco-md.com/

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