Listen: Ricardo Villalobos premiere of New EP under his Richard Wolfsdorf moniker

Artist: Richard Wolfsdorf
Title: MDRNTY002
Format: 12”
Cat no: MDRNTY002
Release : 20.01.2017
Distributed by WAS.


The second release on our recently launched label comes from no other than our unique Ricardo Villalobos, under his germanized moniker “Richard Wolfsdorf”. Besides being a world touring DJ and headlining the best clubs and festivals around the planet, he has been a reference producer for everyone interested in forward thinking dance music over the last one and a half decades.

At MDRNTY we all love his music, DJ sets and personality and he has been a key player at our events for many years, so it is with great honour that we welcome him on our new label. Faithful to his style, he offers us an over 20 minutes length song divided in two sides. Featuring canadian singer Beaver Sheppard, FIVA is a mind bending minimalistic trip. Beaver’s mumbling voices add the perfect balance to Ricardo’s abstraction and hypnotism.

Once more Ricardo shows us how much can be said with only a few elements and how deep it is possible to dive and wonder into his sparse music landscape.

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