Bushwacka!’s Listen Up Therapy have announced their Harley Street practice will be open in February 2021

This November enduring DJ/ producer Matthew ‘Bushwacka!’ Benjamin, a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor and Belinda Matwali, a meditation teacher are set to launch Listen Up Therapy. The concept was born pre-COVID 19 to cater for the gap in the mental health wellness market for the specific needs of those in media, music and creative industries.  

“According to studies by Music Minds Matter UK most people in these industries feel there is a gap when it comes to support – the NHS waiting lists are long, or they are prescribed medication, and people didn’t feel heard – their study supports this.” Belinda explains “Listen Up Therapy aims to help meet that gap in the market by having a team who understands working in these industries, and offering meditation courses as well.” 

Coming from creative and performing backgrounds themselves, founders Matthew and Belinda have a deep understanding of the unique challenges that come from working in these sectors, something they’ve found to be a leading factor for clients seeking their services. “Many of my existing clients in my private practice have come to me because they felt their previous therapists may not have understood their lifestyles and backgrounds in the music and creative businesses, and have resonated in some way with my own journey.” Matthew explains, “Belinda has had similar experiences with many of her private meditation clients, which has led us to come together with Listen Up Therapy and create our own offerings.”

The economic impact COVID-19 has had on these industries brings even further mental health strain with many having to work with smaller teams and greater pressure, to people being asked to pivot and think in new creative ways to maintain income; and to many who’ve lost their income and are not sure about their next steps. In light of this, Listen Up Therapy is launching an initiative to secure further funding to provide discounts to people across media, music and creative industries who have been affected by COVID-19 and are in need of their services subject to availability.

Together, Matthew and Belinda bring a wealth of experience in meditation, therapy, and music for a collaboration that will offer a range of online one-to-one and group practices. They provide regular sessions and techniques for people to connect with themselves on a deeper level and ground in. Belinda adds, “Looking after our mental wellness on a more regular basis is just so important, and we really aim to position ourselves as a beacon of light for those looking for help”. 

For all enquiries for psychotherapy, counselling and meditation services, please fill in the enquiry form here

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