Live DJ recording system, Evermix to launch publicly on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform

Evermix announced the official pre-launch of the innovative MixBox2 – a unique recording device that works alongside the free Evermix DJ App and digital music platform to provide a revolutionary new way to record DJ sets – easily and in high quality – and publish them online for music fans to enjoy long after the night is over.

A limited initial run of just 250 devices will be made available in February via established crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Delivery of these first 250 devices is slated for late March 2017, with manufacture of a larger production run planned later in the year.

Interested DJs, promoters, venues, and music brand owners can sign-up now at to be the first to hear when the campaign launches, and then become an Evermix founder member and be amongst the first to receive a MixBox2 by pledging money and backing the crowdfunding campaign. Whilst pricing for future MixBoxes will start at £95, Indiegogo backers will receive discounted pricing starting at £75, two special limited edition colours, and various other ‘founder member’ perks, before the MixBox2 is advertised to the wider Electronic Music community.

The first generation MixBox and the Evermix DJ app have already been distributed and used by established DJs, clubs and promoters including the likes of Josh Butler, Damion Pell, Roger Sanchez, Miguel Campbell, Eli & Fur, Camilo Franco, Motion Bristol and Sankeys Ibiza, plus many more global names and brands.

Macky Drese, CEO, Evermix said: “We’re excited to release our second generation MixBox to the wider community. For the last year we’ve been listening carefully to the feedback from DJs using the first version of the MixBox and working hard to improve both the hardware and supporting software. We’re ready to bring a product to market that we’re extremely proud of, and it’s just the first step to our goal of making Evermix available to everyone in Electronic Music on a global scale”.

Renowned DJ Doorly said: “This is the app and device I’ve been looking for my entire career. I must have been through 20 different set recorders which have all had their own issues as well as being super expensive or non-durable for a touring DJ. Evermix is a recorder built to work with your mobile phone which is always by your side and the app makes the whole process incredibly slick and social for its users and fans. Now I’m just excited for this to be released and used by everyone so we can really enjoy its power.”


During setup and recording, the MixBox2 provides the DJ with clear visual feedback: the LED indicator glows white when correctly connected, blue when an audio signal is recognised, and red when the audio signal is clipping.

After the set is over full control is given to the DJ to choose what they publish and to where; social sharing is made easy to Facebook, Twitter, and even to other music streaming sites. Soon, DJs will be able to communicate with their fans directly from within the Evermix DJ App.

Extreme care was taken during the design process to ensure that audio quality was never compromised. The MixBox2 features a high quality Analogue to Digital Converter with a smooth noise floor with no audible tones, and is capable of recording DJ sets in lossless WAV, 320kbps, or 192kbps AAC.

Manufactured in the UK in partnership with Coomber Specialist Sound Solutions, the MixBox2 features an aluminium casing with anodised aluminium ends. The device is small enough to fit into all but the tightest of pockets, and comes packaged with a handy Evermix branded carry-case.

MixBox2 is powered by the DJ’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and can record for many hours without any additional external power, removing any audio noise problems associated with using an external USB power supply. During testing impressive power-usage results were achieved: a one hour set used just 10% of an iPhone 7 battery with screen off, and 20% with screen constantly on. If prefered, the MixBox2 can also be powered via the Micro USB socket.

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