Livio & Roby provide a mind-bending journey of enlightenment with their new Phantom Circle LP

Artist: Livio & Roby
Title: Phantom Circle LP
Label: Desolat
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Tech House

Livio & Roby are artists who conjure fascinating imagery through their expansive and mesmerising music. Their sound is one of tranquillity and their choice of thought provocative elements bring great wonder to our ever-growing minds. The Romanian duo has teamed up with various artists to bring us the Phantom Circle LP on Loco Dice’s, Desolat which gives us a glimpse into the mystifying psyche of each of the artists.

The warm pads of ‘Capsule’ get the adventure underway. The low toms provide the guiding rhythm when things kick in. A hypnotising vocal provides depth whilst a glitchy arpeggio adds a strange melodic quality when layered up against the chords, set off in the background. We have started our journey in serious style.

The “mind moving grooves” Livio & Roby are renowned for continue in ‘Concrete’. When it comes to emotional content, the artists sure know how to stimulate feelings of joyous harmony. The brilliance of ‘Concrete’ lies within its ability to be something completely different. They have made things unusual in such a way that it becomes brilliantly unique. ‘Reloaded’ is absolutely stocked up on pure house groove. The repetitive pattern is seriously addictive. We are easily swayed into perpetual motion here and it is truly the work of master craftsmen.

Energy levels are turned up a notch when ‘Mound’ drops in. The sub-harmonics explode onto the scene lined with transient splitting percussion and a fat acidic-sounding bass filling the lines with a stratospheric delay. The track progressively introduces varying parts until a melodic hook slowly picks up from the background. ‘Mound’ certainly contains the density that makes Livio & Roby productions so special. We are left astounded by the dynamically charged ‘Skin Trigger’. Everything works perfectly and you can tell the selection of sounds has been well thought out. The darkness takes us on a further journey into the underground abyss.

‘Reign’ comes in and is almost electronica spliced with classic Detroit Techno. We can hear the duo’s influences over the years shine through each layer. ‘SN Model’ again follows Livio & Roby’s adventurous model. Their sound palette is impeccable. We couldn’t help, but revel in the analog warmth. The squelching, filtered pads purify the air. The tribal Tech comes out to play in ‘Dezarhiva’. Vocals filter in, an attack driven sub provides the deep groove, whilst an overlying square wave plucks away at the lively mids. The duo’s use of robotic sounding vocoder ridden vocals here adds an extra dimension to the track and keeps things increasingly interesting. We move on to the next part of our joyous journey and get a visit from the ‘Sister In Law’, although this time, it’s a welcome visit! The pulsating components echo along and we are illuminated by those unique strings. This is a serious mover!

The golden sun glistens in the atmosphere of ‘Romaniac’. The continuous groove flows at tempo. We are absolutely gripped. ‘Dimensiani’ takes us on the final leg of Livio & Roby’s mind-bending journey. We are left with a feeling of total satisfaction and appreciation of the artist’s incredible ability. It’s like going on holiday and everything going absolutely perfect. The journey becomes one we could take over and over and feel the same sense of enlightenment every single time. This is an album that truly demonstrates what Livio & Roby are capable of. Magic.

01. Livio & Roby – Capsule
02. Livio & Roby vs Andrea Oliva – Reloaded
03. Livio & Roby vs Cesar Merveille – Concrete
04. Livio & Roby vs Enzo Siragusa – SN Model
05. Livio & Roby vs Guti – Skin Trigger
06. Livio & Roby vs Hector – Mound
07. Livio & Roby vs Julian Perez – Reign
08. Livio & Roby vs Martin Buttrich – Sister In Law
09. Livio & Roby vs Premiesku – Dezarhiva
10. Livio & Roby vs Ryan Crosson – Romaniac
11. Livio & Roby vs tINI feat. Joe Le Groove – Dimensioni

About the Author

As a producer himself, signed to some of the UK’s top Techno & Tech House labels, including Baroque, Under No Illusion and Pro-B-Tech, Danny, better known as Ferher is no stranger to the underground. He has DJ’d at some of the best venues in the UK and is eager to share his passion for house music with everyone.