Llyr releases new LP on Max Cooper’s Mesh imprint

If any of you know Max Cooper’s Mesh imprint you will understand the quality of music released and the level set by previous artists. Llyr (it’s a name from Welsh mythology) has just released his first album, ‘Biome’ on Mesh.

The release really is a special release, as the reviews are reflecting, where the myriad of living sounds from the Borneo jungle have been captured in binaural format and reworked into electronic forms in a way that still holds the essence of being there. It’s a listening experience you really need to kick back and embrace. The A-side presents the musical version of the natural locations, and the B-side turns to human destruction of that nature, with heavier electronics, still built from those natural sound sources.

This really is a special LP that has to be listened to and appreciated in full.

You can listen to ‘Winged Chamber Music’ from the LP below:

You can listen to/buy the LP HERE

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