Looking for furniture to hold your vinyl?

It’s one thing to swing by Ikea and pick up a few Kallax shelves for your vinyl, but what if you are looking for something that looks amazing, holds your vinyl and keeps the partner happy? Look no further.

Cush Design Studio was established by Chris Cushingham in 2009. After receiving formal training in interior design from Seattle Pacific University and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, Chris moved to New York City to work under Anurag Nema at the interior architecture firm Nemaworkshop.

At Nemaworkshop Chris worked on a number of residential and commercial design projects from Toby’s Estate coffee shop in Williamsburg and The Smith restaurant in Turtle Bay, to the renovation of the W Hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans and its sister restaurant Sobou.

Chris started making furniture for himself while in design school. Chris continued designing furniture at Nemaworkshop where a number of pieces were conceived for the W Hotel. After starting Cush Design Studio, Chris began a residency at SuperSmith, a shared creative workspace in Red Hook, and has since moved to the Liberty Labs fabrication shop in Red Hook where all of the Cush Design Studio furniture is handmade by Chris.

To buy, head over to Cush Studios in New York

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