Loopmasters has launched Khords, a sample-based virtual instrument with a sprawling library of sounds

With 315 chord and note samples, 550 presets, and a huge sound library including stabs, plucks, strums, pads and atmospheres and more, Khords aims to bring “sampled personality and classic character to your productions”, according to Loopmasters.

One of Khords’ most significant features is the ability to pick from major, minor and single note categories, and select an instrument combination that works best for you. The instrument’s random selector maintains the same major/minor feel, so you can tinker with new configurations without sacrificing tonality.

Here’s a snapshot of Khord’s other features:

  • Timestretch and shift formants to change a sample’s character
  • Randomise samples within the same category to keep major/minor feel
  • Chord samples re-pitch up and down the keyboard for a classic sampling feel
  • 12 types of filter with pre-drive, resonance and key tracking
  • Filter ADSR envelope and filter LFO with amount, rate, shape, phase and trigger
  • Six chorus algorithms, three delay types and six reverb environments
  • Set four mod wheel destinations from a comprehensive list of choices
  • VST/AU plug-in instruments for PC and Mac

Available for $69.00 (RRP $99.00). More information at loopmasters.com.

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