Lopezhouse make a mesmerizing return to Bedrock

Lopezhouse make a mesmerizing return to Bedrock with their 5-track ‘Sunburst’ EP, having recently won the hearts of many fans with The Arrival (as featured on John Digweed’s recent Quattro (BEDQUATCD) opus) and their excellent Something Is Happening (BEDDIGI155) single, released at the tail end of 2019 to much critical acclaim.

The Lopezhouse duo, consisting of David Lopez and Carlos Cruz from La Mancha, Spain, have a unique creative chemistry that constantly raises the bar ever higher via their inimitable electronic compositions and the Sunburst EP is yet another absolute feast of musical delights. Across this latest immaculate collection tracks, they paint a diverse musical picture that defines their unique style, referencing the likes of Krautrock, bass, sci-fi sounds, space travel, and enthralling atmospheres, along the way.

With the swarming, melodic pulse of ‘Sunburst’ itself, Lopezhouse immediately cast an utterly addictive hypnotic spell of the highest order. ‘Midnight Sun’ throbs and builds with eager anticipation as the duo continues to weave their magical spell, following on with the staccato, hip-swinging groove dynamics of Dusseldorf. The head-nodding dub vibes ‘Strumming Bridges’ further expand on the diversity of the Lopezhouse creative palette before David and Carlos unleash the analogue growl and euphoric beauty of ‘Pinksauce’ as a perfectly conceived finale to this immaculate 5-track experience, truly a case of House music masters hard at work.

1. Sunburst
2. Midnight Sun
3. Dusseldorf
4. Strumming Bridges
5. Pinksauce

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