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This summer, Saatchi gallery’s Philly Adams and co-curator, Kobi Prempeh and the artists and contributors of Sweet Harmony : Rave I Today have put the 1989 Summer of Love and the journey of electronic dance music firmly in the spotlight. Meanwhile Jeremy Deller’s BBC Four documentary, ‘Everybody In the Place’, has also taken us back to the UK in the eighties to explore how acid house powered sociopolitcial change.

Now as part of their mission to capture and maintain the momentum of acid house and its place within popular culture, Philly Adams and her co-curator, Kobi Prempeh announce Love Drums as part of the Saatchi Lates (Thursday 22 August). The-six man rave crew from Bristol, who never play the same venue twice, are excited to participate in Saatchi gallery’s late night music programme that has included Secret Sundaze and wealth of international live DJ talent including Seth Troxler, Skream and godfathers of the acid house scene, Fabio and Grooverider.

As the scene was all about the music, Philly and Kobi felt the show concept was incomplete without live DJs. “Electronic music is our gate keeper”, explains Philly – and Love Drums represent everything that is current within today’s rave culture. Headed by six young males, all under the age of 25/26, the wider collective comprise a breakdance crew and a skate shop. Kobi describes them as “too modest to describe themselves as the coolest thing to come out of Bristol – but they are.”

“Having Love Drums within the Gallery at part of our series of Saatchi LATES is important, because it’s very much within the tradition of what Saatchi Gallery does – celebrating new creative and unique talent”, adds Kobi by way of explanation. “Saatchi Gallery is known for supporting and assisting the careers of many newcomers into the world of contemporary art, and it’s an honour to be able to share such an opportunity with the next generation of ravers as part of Sweet Harmony Rave | Today.”

The Love Drums place within the Saatchi gallery mission and manifesto is key as they bring us bang up-to-date with all that is current in today’s landscape. Having earned the respect of their peers and predecessors for the authenticity that they bring to their dancefloor, they bring a similar energy and excitement to those who shaped the landscape twenty and thirty years ago.

As original as they are inventive, they channel the gumption and spontaneity of the original parties. Definable by their talent for delivering the unexpected, Love Drums never hold a rave in the same venue twice and even their bespoke two-piece outfits are created for each event. A forthcoming event to take place in Bristol is rumoured to be held at a sex parlour, but they are canny enough to retain the mystique, keeping their patrons guessing as to whether or not this is true. Previous productions have been held at unusual spaces and boats. The night is supported by Carhartt, who will distribute free tee shirts among early arrivals.

Among their tight team, they are constantly developing and discussing their ideas and plans, and as Will Pegna from Love Drums describes “we curate our nights to a tee”. Pegna goes on to describe the importance of Love Drums “each night is made with so much love and attention, which brings a mad energy to our nights. There’s a sensitivity, vulnerability and love for what we do, which is so important to see amongst young males today”.

Love Drums is run by the following six: Sam Pomeroy – designs bespoke two piece outfits for every each Love Drums event; Guy Remmers – mc (on the microphone) for the event; Stanley Hall – works not he moving images and creative direction; Will Pegna – works on the static visuals (the posters, flyers etc); Angus Gaffney – books the djs, musical direction; Josh Dickinson – checks out the locations and admin.

Love Drums Thursday 22 August, 6.30-9pm

Tickets £15

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